Last Generation, activists throw mashed potatoes against Monet's 'The Haystack' painting

Who they are and what they want the environmentalists of the organization that has returned to strike: two activists to protest against climate change have smeared the work exhibited in Germany

 last generation Monet's painting, 'The Haystack', daubed in the Barberini museum in Potsdam, Germany Video

The activists of Last Generation they go back into action and smear the painting 'The Haystack' by Claude Monet, kept in the Barberini museum in Potsdam, Germany, with a mashed potato. - video1 | video2

Last Generation: mashed potatoes against a Monet painting Last Generation: mashed potatoes against a Monet painting

Eco-activists glue themselves to the glass of Botticelli's 'Spring' - video

THE PROVOCATION - Just a few days ago, other ecologists protesting against climate change had railed against Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers', exhibited at the National Gallery in London. One of them, Phoebe Plummer, had shouted: “What interests you most? Art or life? Are you more interested in protecting a painting or the planet?” In July, two more activists from Last Generation they had glued themselves to the glass that protects Botticelli's 'La Primavera' before being dragged away by the carabinieri.

VIDEO - This time the work of Monet, belonging to the collection of the donor and multi-billionaire Hasso Plattner, was targeted. 'Il Pagliaio' is on permanent display, but has no particular protections: only a cordon 30 centimeters from the ground which marks the point beyond which visitors cannot approach. The two overrode him by throwing the puree and posting the video of the demonstration action on Twitter. Museum spokeswoman Carolin Stranz said damage to the painting has yet to be assessed.