Laura Pausini and Marco Carta, the super party for the communion of their daughter Paola

A triumph of balloons, a quote from Pope Paul II, a toast with your closest friends… scenes from an intimate celebration marked by simplicity

 Communion_pausini_1920 Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta, photostory of a love from which Paola was born Photo Video

Laura Pausini , 48, radiant for the first communion of her daughter Paola, 9. The shots shared with her followers tell of a heartfelt and intimate moment and a party in style boho chic with lots of balloons and a very simple ritual cake. Photo | video

Laura Pausini, games at sunset with her daughter Paola Laura Pausini, games at sunset with her daughter Paola

PAUSINI QUOTES JOHN PAUL II - The carousel of the most beautiful photos of the day obviously ends up on instagram and shows Paola with the communion tunic between mum Laura and dad Paul Carta , then the little girl in front of the cake and in front of a cascade of balloons and then still riding a bike, probable party gift. To gloss over the images, Pausini chooses a quote from Pope John Paul II : «Love explained everything to me, love solved everything for me. Therefore I admire this love wherever it is (). Each of us has his God, a symbol of love and peace. Paola is learning more every day the meaning of equality, fraternity and love'. And he writes it in five languages.

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SIMPLE EVEN IN DRESSING – Little Paola leaves her tunic to wear a white broderie anglaise dress. The singer instead chooses a dress with a light knee-length skirt with a delicate red flower pattern and boots.

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THERE IS A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MOTHER AND DAUGHTER - A few weeks ago the singer had told her almost 4 million followers about the discovery of a new relationship with her daughter. Also born from a trip, the first just the two of them: «Together we discovered a new aspect of life that I call 'normal' because even if it may seem strange to you, we always travel with many people at our side because of my job» he written. “People whom we always thank for their help but who today, thanks to their absence, have allowed us to live one of the most fantastic experiences of our life together,” she added. She concludes with a love letter to her daughter: 'Paola, you are my life, I have nothing else'.