“Le Carrube” restaurant, vegetarian eating on the farm

The tradition of Apulian cuisine declined according to nature


We are located in the Masseria Le Carrube, restored in full respect of the Apulian architectural tradition, a few kilometers from Ostuni, in the Itria Valley. 19 rooms - including 7 suites - furnished with refined simplicity and with all the comforts you need  MasseriaLeCarrube may wish, two heated swimming pools, the scents and colors typical of the Mediterranean scrub immersed in an intimate, silent and collected atmosphere that offers its guests and all those who wish it a healthy and ethical cuisine inspired by tradition, refined and rich in taste , entrusted to the care of chef Massimo Santoro.

FROM THE GARDEN TO THE TABLE - In his professional career he has achieved excellent results, so as to be able to offer such a variety of vegetarian and vegan preparations able to satisfy even the most demanding palates and to capture the most skeptical ones even though he is not a vegetarian. 'We prepare a contemporary veg cuisine: we have traditional proposals, but in general we introduce' latest generation 'concepts, such as contrast, acidity, flavor ...'. In an authentic masseria, a zero-waste restaurant, where everything you eat is 100% self-produced. Here the chef has found a new dimension: you go to the vegetable gardens,  0457 we cook, we serve a high quality fixed menu that changes every day according to what is available at affordable prices. “Once here (he was born in Grottaglie - Taranto province - in 1969) from Monday to Thursday we ate almost only vegetables, legumes and pasta. On weekends, the wealthiest could afford fish and on Sundays there was the ritual of the family table and a few chicken or a lamb were sacrificed '.
His techniques and experiments have gone hand in hand with the study and rediscovery of traditions that he has not only never neglected but rather has researched and declined according to his style, with the utmost respect. Respect for traditions is precisely the fil rouge that binds Santoro to the Masseria 'Le Carrube', the last 'creature' of the Melpignano family born thanks to the love that this family has for their land of origin. In fact, they are also the owners of Borgo Egnazia, in Savelletri di Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, built on the model of an Apulian village, and of the Masseria San Domenico.

VEGAN-APULIAN CUISINE - Here then is the opportunity to enjoy a menu that reinterprets them in a modern key  Crunchy-chard-and-ricotta-with-organic-seeds-and-bread-flakes-cream-of-green-tomato-and-turnips-2 local raw materials, selected according to quality and seasonality, from local productions or even from the garden owned by the Masseria, (in addition to an olive grove and 250 fruit trees) with limited use of 00 flour and refined sugar. Particular attention is paid to issues related to food allergies and intolerances: for each new recipe that is conceived, a very similar one is prepared that is suitable for those suffering from food intolerances and yet has the same pleasantness as the original.

SALADS AND SPECIALTIES - Among its specialties we remember the ricotta and chard meatballs with  0057 cream of pecorino cheese, parmigiana of artichokes and fior di latte or tortelli fior di Puglia with chopped tomatoes and cheese. Massimo Santoro will also amaze with salads: avocado with endive and pistachio, fennel with orange and organic seeds. Maybe accompanied by fresh ricotta and junket.
For unique events such as weddings, the chef will study ad hoc menus in a first-rate context: the setting, setting and taste will give that extra something. Open every day of the year, only for dinner and by reservation only. And, last but not least, you will not risk tasting the same dish twice: 'We keep the history of the menus tasted by customers, to ensure that on the next visit they can always taste different dishes'.
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Contrada Spennati
72017 SS Fasano-Ostuni KM 873 Ostuni (BR)
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