Leaders to vote: Mattarella to applause, Salvini 'undisciplined', Meloni on social media

The President of the Republic was the first to vote (in Palermo). Then it was the turn of the head of the League (who broke the electoral silence), the secretary of the Democratic Party, and the dioscuri of Action. The favorite for now is limited to tweeting

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The first, not even to say, was the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who arrived at the Giovanni XXIII - Piazzi school, in via Rutelli, in Palermo at 8.45 o'clock. The Head of State voted in section 535, and was greeted by a long applause from the tellers and from Palermo who rushed to vote.

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SALVINI SPEAKS - Then it was the turn of Matteo Salvini, a thousand kilometers to the north: he voted in the polling station in via Pietro Martinetti, in the Gambara area, in Milan. The leader of the League broke the electoral silence, stopping to speak with reporters who were waiting for him: 'It will be complicated months, there is an emergency on bills, expensive living and heating. We have already been working for weeks with the Lega's technicians to be ready and reactive in Italy and in the EU. The more people vote, the more force the new Parliament, the new government, will have to intervene in the emergencies that will not fail ”, he said.

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READ AND HUGS - In Rome, in the Testaccio area, the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, voted in the seat of the Edmondo de Amicis professional technical institute in via Galvani. For him too, a warm welcome: he shook several hands, and several electricians hugged him. Also in Rome, in via del Lavatore (a stone's throw from the Trevi Fountain), and escorted by his wife Violante, Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, voted. He also exchanged two (non-political, though) jokes with journalists: “How do I spend my day? And how do you want me to pass it? Distressed, ”Calenda joked.

RENZI WITH HIS WIFE, MELONI ON TWITTER - In Florence, in the Villani school in viale Giannotti (Gavinana area, not far from Piazzale Michelangelo), Matteo Renzi and his wife Agnese Landini voted. Then he gave Twitter these words: “We voted. Do it too, whatever your political opinion. Democracy is nourished by everyone's commitment. Long live the Republic, long live Italy, 25 September '. Renzi is leaving for Tokyo, where he will attend Shinzo Abe's state funeral. Giorgia Meloni has for now limited herself to an appearance on Twitter: 'Today you can contribute to writing history'.

Source: oggi.it