Leone turns 5, Fedez's tender gesture moves the fans

In a particularly difficult moment, the singer finds his strength by focusing on his family. And so the son's birthday becomes a party again with friends, relatives and all the followers

 Ferragnez1920 Fedez with Leone and Vittoria Photo Video

Stop the controversy, the difficulties, the work commitments, today for father Fedez and mother Chiara Ferragni is the time to celebrate their little prince: in fact, Leone turns 5 years old. There is no doubt that the party with the aunts and grandmothers will be documented, but in the meantime the two influencers are enjoying the extended family of followers. And for the occasion Fedez prepares a special gift: he stays up all night and worlds a video with the memories of 5 years spent together. photo | video

Leone turns 5: dad Fedez gives him this video Leone turns 5: dad Fedez gives him this video

Chiara Ferragni is 'a mother's flower', word of Leone - guard

FAMILY UNDER PRESSURE – The moment is delicate for the Ferragnez, first the controversies aroused by the kiss on the mouth given by Fedez to Rosa Chemical and the subsequent alleged (or actual) couple crisis, then the anniversary of the discovery of the tumor, it was March 16, 2022 when the singer discovered pancreatic cancer and finally his health problems of the past weeks caused by the withdrawal of a psychiatric drug.

Fedez turns 33, hot shots and romantic kisses with Chiara Ferragni and the party with Leone and Vittoria – guard

ITALIAN AMERICAN KING OF SOCIAL MEDIA – Leone was born on March 19, 2018 in Los Angeles and immediately became a star, involuntary and unaware of social networks, both Chiara and Fedez decided to tell their firstborn publicly. Raising quite a few controversies to which Chiara replied: “Leo and Vittoria would still be exposed people, we might as well tell them about them. I don't know if it's the right or wrong way, but for now it seems to me the most natural way for my generation and for theirs”.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez between whims and flying baby food, what a stressful holiday with the children! – guard

A OVERTHROWD KING- As happens to all older brothers, Leo was ousted from his throne of princeling by the arrival of Victoria. He had the honor of announcing and ambassador of the news that mother Chiara was pregnant again. A photo portrays him in his blue blouse, on October 1, 2020 smiling with an ultrasound of his little sister in his hands, thus revealing his arrival.

Fedez, Leone imitates his father and sings the hit “La dolce vita

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