Leonor and Sofia of Spain: this year, mother Letizia Ortiz steps aside for Christmas greetings

Felipe and Letizia Ortiz leave the whole scene to the two daughters, embracing and smiling in the greeting card. Unlike other famous royal brothers, the heir to the throne and his younger sister seem closer than ever

 Spanish Royals Christmas Cards 2022 Leonor and Sofia, in the Christmas card of the Spanish royal family Photo Video

Christmas is approaching and it's time for greeting cards. After the postcard of King Charles of England and his queen consort Camilla, comes that of the Spanish royal family, dedicated in particular to the two sisters Leonor and Sofia. – Photo | video

Leonor of Spain, the crowds ... before the flight Leonor of Spain, the crowds ... before the flight

Letizia Ortiz wears her daughter Sofia's dress: incredible, she looks like her older sister - guard

 Spanish Royals Christmas Cards

THE TENDER EMBRACE - The decision to put the two sisters at the center of attention, including the heir to the throne, is not new for the Spanish royal family. It had already happened in previous years. The postcard then shows the two sisters in an embrace as they smile towards the room, in the gardens of the Zarzuela. The card is signed by all the members, including Felipe and Letizia, with the inscription: 'With much love, a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year'.

Leonor of Spain turns 17: between successes and escapes, the princess never ceases to be noticed - guard

TWO SISTERS SO UNITED - Unlike other royal siblings, William and Harry above all, Leonor and Sofia, 17 and 15, seem very close. The sisters attended the same school before the heir to the throne moved to the United Kingdom. Leonor is studying at UWC Atlantic College attended by many other royal children. Sofia, on the other hand, is finishing her high school studies at the Santa Maria de Los Rosales College in Madrid.

Leonor of Spain returns from Wales for a special event together with her mother Letizia Ortiz and her sister Sofia. The family portrait is beautiful – guard

WHAT HAPPENS AT CHRISTMAS – The heir to the throne has returned to Spain for the Christmas holidays and will remain there until 4 January. The royal family on Christmas Eve, la Good night , gathers at the Zarzuela to listen to King Felipe's official speech. On Christmas day, however, a sumptuous lunch is planned.

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