Leonor of Spain leaves school to become a soldier: it will be three years of training

Dorms for 12 people, few permits for cadets and a fast pace between lessons and training. As required by law and as Felipe made her father before her, the heir to the throne goes to Zaragoza

 leonor-spain-military-training Leonor of Spain, 18 next October. From Wales where she is studying, she will move to Zaragoza Photo Video

Like her father Felipe before her, Leonor of Spain is also preparing to begin military training. In fact, the princess will leave next August for Zaragoza, home of the Academia General Militar, where she will begin her three years of training. A very different life from the one lived so far by the future queen: no shortcuts, dormitories for 12 people and very fast pace. – photo | video

Leonor of Spain, the crowds ... before the flight Leonor of Spain, the crowds ... before the flight

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LEONOR'S NEW LIFE - The heir to the throne of Spain turns 18 in October and is about to finish his second-level studies with a two-year period spent in a college in Wales. As required by Iberian law, the princess must undergo three years of military training in the academies of the Armed Forces: army, navy and air force. This was announced by the Spanish Royal House and the national government, through the Minister of Defense Margarita Robles: «Princess Leonor knows the needs and sacrifices that military life entails and is well aware of the honor of training and serving alongside men and of the women of our Armed Forces', explains the press release.

Leonor of Spain returns from Wales for a special event together with her mother Letizia Ortiz and her sister Sofia. The family portrait is beautiful – guard

NEXT STOP ZARAGOZA – Leonor will start training in August, after the summer holidays. You leave from Zaragoza, headquarters of the Academia General Militar; the second year, however, the princess will be in Pontevedra, at the Escuela Naval de Marìn, while the last year she will spend in Murcia, at the Academia General de Aire de San Javier. At the end of military preparation, the heir to the throne will have the rank of lieutenant in the Army, Navy and Air Force.

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FROM THE STARS… - Life at the Academy for Leonor will be very different from what she has been used to up to now. In fact, the princess will experience the daily life of her colleagues and colleagues. Leaves for cadets are rare, people sleep in classic dormitories for 2, 4 or 12 people, and the days are marked by a fast pace, between lessons and military training.

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