Leonor of Spain turns 17: between successes and escapes, the princess does not stop being noticed

The heir to the throne of Spain has blown out 17 candles. Blue eyes, blonde, beautiful staff, she is one of the prettiest princesses. She has been noticed since birth. And even in these last few days, when she suddenly ran away from a small village in Asturias…

 leonor-of-spain-17-years-old Leonor of Spain, look how much Letizia and Felipe's daughter has changed Photo Video

Double greetings to Leonor, heir to the throne of Spain. Best wishes for the 17th birthday on October 31st. And best wishes for the gastroenteritis that caught her at the worst moment, while she was visiting a small village in Asturias with mum and dad, a couple of days before her birthday… – Photo | video

Leonor of Spain, the crowds ... before the flight Leonor of Spain, the crowds ... before the flight

Leonor of Spain returns from Wales for a special event together with her mother Letizia Ortiz and her sister Sofia. The family portrait is beautiful – guard

THE STROKE OF THE LAW - With her big blue eyes, Leonor has been noticed since birth. She conquered her subjects to the point that the Salic law was almost abolished (in the line of succession, she gives precedence to males). Many rulers are on the throne today because of that law. King Felipe himself reigns because he was able to 'leapfrog' his two older sisters. But in more recent years, the other families have modernized, giving the same rights to heirs regardless of gender. Spain, on the other hand, wavered yes, in front of its newborn princess. But in the end she didn't give up. However, Leonor won because she only has a younger sister, Sofia. When Felipe steps down, Spain will have a woman on the throne.

Leonor and Sofia “point” (height) dad Felipe – guard

SUCCESS AND ESCAPE - Leonor only became the official heir in 2014, when King Juan Carlos abdicated (also forced by repeated scandals, by big-game hunting in Africa for mistresses) and Felipe became the new ruler. Four years later, in 2018, the eldest royal left her subjects stunned again: suddenly she blossomed in height and capacity, giving the first official speech for the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. She today she studies in Wales. She had returned home to participate in the prize named after her, the Princess of Asturias prize, and to celebrate her birthday. But the gastroenteritis that made her flee from the visit to Cadavedo (she had just shaken hands with the local elders, who had wished her a happy birthday, and was about to give a speech then 'dropped' to her father) may have also hindered the programs as a 17-year-old. In this case we relaunch, the wishes become triple: may she soon recover the lost celebrations.

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