'Let's Dance': Ekaterina Leonova causes love rumors with photo details

  Ekaterina Leonova is officially single, but now a new picture is fueling rumors of love. Ekaterina Leonova is officially single, but now a new picture is fueling rumors of love. bild: ekatleonova/instagram

Ekaterina Leonova is one of the most popular 'Let's Dance' professionals and is adored by many men. The 35-year-old is said to have love with her dance partners from the show and also Andreas Gabalier already spoke of her in the highest tones , but officially she is single. Now, however, a new image of the dancer is causing the rumors to boil over.

Ekat reported to her Instagram fans on August 17 with two new photos, and one detail in particular catches their eye.

Ekaterina Leonova: In a good mood on vacation

'The world is so beautiful and diverse,' writes the 'Let's Dance' professional in his current post. It continued: 'Yes, I love that Travel and I can't just stay in the hotel. I like to go on trips and learn the culture and the story from anywhere.' Finally, Ekat asks her community to guess where she is. The sights she poses in front of on the recordings provide clues - so far, so harmless.

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Post by Ekaterina Leonova (@ekatleonova)

In the first picture, the dancer is in the Basilica Cistern, at least many commenters agree on the location here. The front part of the photo is particularly exciting, because it can be clearly seen that a person is holding Ekat's right hand - accordingly, there are several curious questions under the post, mostly from male followers.

For example, a user carefully asks: 'But you're not alone there. Or who is holding your hand in the first picture?'. Another user is a little more direct and immediately brings a possible love interest into play:

'Who's holding your hand? Have you finally found love?'

'Let's Dance' star enjoys time with family

Ekat has not yet given an answer to this. But at least it is certain that she is actually not alone in the Vacation is : At the end of July, she posted a family photo, also from vacation, on which her mother can be seen, among other things, and a new Instagram story shows that parts of her relatives are currently with her company perform - which of course does not exclude the fact that a friend is also part of the party.

  Ekat enjoys vacation with her family. Ekat enjoys vacation with her family. bild: ekatleonova/instagram

In any case, Ekat seems to be enjoying her vacation before returning to her day-to-day work in Munich. By the way, the native Russian now has a permanent residence permit in Germany, which made her celebrate at the beginning of August: 'You can probably not imagine how happy I am right now. It's being celebrated big. And thanks to everyone who has supported me on this long journey always accompanied and supported.'

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