Letizia Ortiz even gathers mom and dad (also with his second wife) for the confirmation of their daughter Sofia

Great day of celebration, great. Also because characters appear that are very rare to see. And that if they appear smiling in the photos, in reality they don't even greet each other...

 confirmation-sofia-spain-grandparents In the family photo are Leonor's maternal grandparents (who do not speak to each other), but not grandfather Juan Carlos. And, secluded, here is the second wife of Letizia's father Photo Video

Letizia Ortiz and Felipe of Spain celebrate their daughter Sofia on the day of her confirmation. The little one (but she is almost as tall as dad!) of her house is also celebrated by her sister Leonor. But the real news is that for the first time, in addition to grandmother Sofia (but not her husband Juan Carlos, who the less he is seen in his homeland the better), there are also his maternal grandparents. And, curiosity within curiosity, she is even the first wife of Letizia's father. In short, the whole family – photo | video

Sofia of Spain, confirmation in pink and a party with a surprise Sofia of Spain, confirmation in pink and a party with a surprise

Meanwhile, her sister Leonor is leaving for the Military Academy – guard

NEVER SEEN THIS – And so, here is the whole (almost) complete family. And if it is not easy to see grandmother Sofia (even if it is very easy to see her alone, without her husband Juan Carlos) given the frequent quarrels with her daughter-in-law Letizia Ortiz, it is practically impossible to see Sofia and Leonor's maternal grandparents, i.e. the queen's parents of Spain. Indeed, the exceptional nature of the event is even more marked by the fact that the second wife of Letizia's father is also present at the ceremony. Although she does not appear in the 'official and cutlery' photos and tries to hide from the photographers. Not to mention that Letizia's mom and dad appear together in the photos (even smiling), but they never spoke a single word throughout the day. As if to say that the divorce between the two has not yet been well digested.

Letizia Ortiz in wisteria breaks the protocol – guard

FESTIVE DAY – In short, it is really a great day of celebration for Sofia. She who for the occasion wears flats… perhaps also so as not to disfigure her sister and above all her mother, who choose rope espadrilles with important wedges, to be worthy of confirmation. The rest are just smiles. Never seen before…

Letizia Ortiz, the most admired (with Charlene Wittstock) at the London gala – guard

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