Letizia Ortiz in Germany with Felipe: she's sick, but she doesn't give up heels anyway...

The Queen is next to her husband for the official visit which begins in Berlin. Doctors have just diagnosed her with a debilitating disease. And she recommended some precautions, in order not to be forced to undergo surgery. But she, for now, is turning a deaf ear

 felipe-spain-letizia-ortiz-germany-day1 Letizia Ortiz very elegant in blue (and stilettos) with her husband Felipe in Berlin Photo Video

Letizia Ortiz nothing and no one stops her. Not even the disease. To the point that, a few days after having had a precise diagnosis of the pains that have afflicted the queen for some time, here she is next to her husband Felipe of Spain on an official visit to Germany, starting with Berlin. Where she, splendid in blue, doesn't give up on very high-heeled shoes. Which also seem to be the real reason for her uneasiness – Photo | video

Letizia Ortiz is ill, but with Felipe she doesn't give up heels Letizia Ortiz is ill, but with Felipe she doesn't give up heels

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DEBILITATING DISEASE – The fact is that Letizia Ortiz has been diagnosed with Morton's neuroma, a debilitating disease. It was time that grimaces of pain had been noticed on the face of the Queen of Spain. Now the official confirmation from the Royal House has arrived. It is a pathology that affects the foot, with decidedly annoying symptoms: tingling, burning, up to persistent pain in the nerve endings of the foot. According to the doctors, if the pain remains, the queen will even have to undergo surgery. And all this is caused by a constant (and therefore excessive) use of tight and high-heeled shoes. Those, so to speak, that Letizia Ortiz always wears. Including on this last occasion…

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IN BERLIN – Letizia Ortiz, in fact, accompanies her husband Felipe of Spain on an official visit to Germany. First stop, Berlin. With a stop (also) at the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. And throughout the first day she never stopped wearing tight heels. Doctors advised her, at the very least, to use orthotics and pads to stabilize her feet. Or even giving up heels. Which, it's a safe bet, Letizia Ortiz will never do. If only to keep up with her husband, who is nearly two meters tall…

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