Liliana Segre tells her story as an Auschwitz survivor: the exclusive podcast

Exclusively on Today, the life of a witness against hatred. Live for the first time. Thanks to Myrta Merlino, who strongly wanted it

  liliana-segre-today-37 Liliana Segre wanted even Chiara Ferragni to be the spokesperson for her misison Photo Video

Liliana Segre. Her voice. The truth of her. The clarity of her. Her energy. We all learned about her story, her battles, her rigor in the story of the horror she experienced, what it was and which, as she teaches us, can be again. So why propose to her to make a podcast together that traces the stages of her extraordinary life marked by such deep pain? Because behind the girl from Auschwitz, the Holocaust survivor, the life senator who defies past and present hatred, there is an unprecedented woman, capable of illuminating the existence of the people she meets. She with me she went just like that Photo | video

Liliana Segre's exclusive podcast with Myrta Merlino - listens

WITNESS - Liliana is not only a monumental witness capable of moving millions of people and imposing, with the force of example, the urgency to keep the collective memory alive, but she is also a seismograph of the present, a rigorous sentinel, who reads the reality by taking risks that are invisible to most. History can repeat itself and to avoid dangerous returns to the past there is only one antidote: knowledge. Which is not only the one closed in school books, but also the one entrusted to the story of those who have 'History' tattooed on our skin. Like Liliana Segre.

A GIFT FOR EVERYONE - I met her as a journalist and gradually discovered her as a friend, reference, guide. I interviewed her in The air that pulls at the beginning of 2018, immediately after her appointment as senator for life and in recent years our relationship has turned into friendship, in a great emotional sharing that has revealed to me an intimate and surprising dimension. And I wanted to tell you about it through her hands-free voice. She is born like this, from this privilege, hold my hand , the podcast I wrote with Melania Petriello and Luciana Matarese, produced by Chora Media for Corriere della Sera , which you can listen to starting September 9th.

THE TRACK 21 - A tribute for her 92nd birthday, but which, on closer inspection, is an authentic gift she gives to all of us. A three-part conversation that retraces the most significant stages in her life. Childhood and early youth, where Liliana takes us by the hand into the darkest and most unspeakable meanders in the history of humanity, from the entry into force of racial laws to deportation to the Auschwitz extermination camp passing through escape attempts, the rejection at the border with Switzerland, detention in San Vittore with his father Alberto and the end of life known until then with the beginning of the journey to hell from platform 21 of Milan Central Station.

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THE GREAT BATTLES - But also the very hard story of the return to freedom and the discovery of the only force that heals and saves: love. A more intimate journey - and never shared with such great enthusiasm - that starts from the meeting with Alfredo, the man in his life. It is a love learned from her father, when she was a child, felt in that adult and reassuring hand that holds her, until she enters the extermination camp. A hand that will be replaced by that of her husband, her companion and healer, a hand that will lead her to her rebirth, which will give her the strength to overcome silence and repression and then arrive at the saving word. And so come the great battles as a witness first and then as a senator for life, the battles that Liliana leads as a true 'partisan of freedom'. Courageous in every position, capable of being indignant in the face of all forms of injustice, of pointing out and denouncing all the indifference that undermines the present and the future of a country, ours, which too often proves to be fragile and forgetful.

ABOVE ALL INSTRUMENTALIZATION - Liliana is never afraid to use words, even if they are darts that ignite the public debate, soliciting responsibility and awareness. You have the rare ability to always say the right thing. This is what has always struck me in her. I asked myself: how can an elderly lady be, in every situation, such a perfect and surgical speaker? Well, today I understood it. Liliana broods her words for a long time, distills them just like drops of that dull and indelible pain that has been inflicted on her, every expression of her voice always resounds authoritative, powerful and above exploitation and partisan divisions. The right choice of words, so rare in a ramshackle public debate, is infallible in her. Each of her has her place, her role, her weight, her irreplaceable nature. But there is another reason why this podcast is so important to me and I hope for those who will listen to it: people are not eternal, but so are their ideas, their thoughts, the moral and civil legacy they leave to those who will come. after. Speaking with me, Liliana ideally addresses the girls and boys who can make a difference today, even in the small choices of every day.

Liliana Segre and the platform from which she was deported: 'The train that took us to hell departed from here' - exclusive

REMEMBER, ALWAYS REMEMBER - Love and not hatred, courage and not indifference, the participation of the just and not the silence of the cowardly. Not surprisingly, Liliana has chosen to bring the most famous influencer in the world, the Italian Chiara Ferragni, to 'track 21', so that she too becomes the spokesperson of her mission: to remember, always remember, despite everything, beyond the temptations of oblivion that goes along with a certain dangerous revisionism, even political. Because, as Primo Levi wrote, 'what happened can return, consciences can again be seduced and obscured: ours too'. Liliana's voice, the strength of her words, will accompany you on a journey from which she emerges profoundly changed. Trust me.