Linda Cerruti and anger at the sexist comments on her photo with the medals: “It really hurts me. A society that is too macho '

'Are a butt and two legs really what remains, the main topic to talk about?'. The queen of Italian synchronized swimming unleashes herself after receiving many hate comments for an image of her published on her social profiles

 linda-cerruti-medals-sexist-comments Linda Cerruti won 6 silver and 2 bronze medals at the European swimming championships

It is not enough to have won eight medals. The keyboard lions never stop, not even in front of a young woman proud of her accomplishment. And if she shows an inch of skin, you can be sure the sexist comments won't be long in coming. It happened to the queen of Italian synchronized swimming Linda Cerruti, who after sharing a photograph of her found herself where to respond to haters who insulted her for exposing her body.

THE IMAGE - The athlete posted on her social media profiles a photograph of her at Bagni Nirvana in Noli, a few kilometers from her Savona. In a bathing suit, head resting on a rock, legs raised in a split, in one of the typical poses of her specialty. Resting on her body, the eight medals (6 silver and 2 bronze) painstakingly won during the recently completed European championships in Rome. A decidedly epic pose.

KEYBOARD LIONS - The image was taken from newspapers and, under the articles that told of its beauty and celebrated the athlete's conquest, many vulgar and sexist comments began to appear that shocked many, including Cerruti herself: 'This morning a my friend sends me one of these posts shared by the newspapers on their Facebook page, I open it and I am literally shocked and disgusted by the hundreds, probably thousands, of misplaced, sexist and vulgar comments that accompany it ', writes the synchronette, who remained strongly shocked by the reaction of some online commentators.

THE BODY OF WOMEN - 'After more than 20 years of training and sacrifice, I find it nothing short of SHAME and it really hurts my heart to read this horde of people making jokes that sexualize my body. Are a butt and two legs really what remains, the main topic to talk about? The least, as well as the only thing I can do, is to denounce the inappropriateness of those comments, the mirror of a society that is still too sexist and very different from the one in which one day I would like to have my children born and raised ', writes Cerruti. .