Linda Riverditi, revelation (and disappointment) of X Factor: “I've always been sick in my body” – exclusive

Her name is Linda, she's 19, she conquered everyone even though she finished third in the final. In this interview she confesses her torments, and not only for the 'tragic' experience with school: 'I have a sick relationship with my body, once I gained 12 kilos in a month'

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On The X Factor she garnered attention by singing an intense version of Coraline of the Måneskin, challenging sacred monsters. Result: the audience went crazy, the judges were moved and Damiano complimented her via social media: «Maybe you don't know, but you gave me a giant gift. You made this piece even more true », she wrote (although then I Santi Francesi won and she only finished third in the final). The journey of Linda Riverditi, 19 years old, born and raised in Alba, Piedmont, started like this, with a bang. «It was a surprise, the episode aired months after the recording and I didn't know what to expect. It was destabilizing, it shook me.' Whether or not she makes it to the final on December 8, Linda is the best surprise of this edition. Her path has not always been easy: in the November 26 episode, due to a technical problem, she had to interrupt her version of Running up that hill by Kate Bush and start over. 'I was bad at it. I had problems the second time too, I couldn't hear my voice in the headphones». - Photo | video

Linda Riverditi and tears on X Factor: 'They fill me with insults' Linda Riverditi and tears on X Factor: 'They fill me with insults'

X Factor, Linda conquers the judges with Rino Gaetano - video

Shy and emotional, Linda, who is striking for her no gender look, is a more mature and tormented girl than one would expect from a nineteen year old.

How was your passion for music born? 'My mum played me a song by Queen, I want to break free , and it all started from there. I must have been six or seven, I fell in love with them and got an iPod with their hits as a gift. I dressed up as Freddie Mercury and imitated him in the mirror.'

Stories. «When I was about 11 I put on a white tank top, tight jeans, glued on a mustache made with the hair of a stuffed animal and spent whole afternoons singing».

Does he also play instruments? “I started playing drums when I was eight, but after six months I broke my wrist and had to stop. Then I switched to guitar and piano to enter music high school. I also studied the cello, but I broke my shoulder skiing and I couldn't play anymore».

How was school going? «My relationship with the school was tragic and created me a lot of anxiety. I started scientific high school, then I failed, I changed schools and entered music high school. Then when I was no longer able to play, I had a bad argument with the professors, there was a punitive rejection and I resumed my scientific studies.
The professors never liked me, never understood why ».

Its androgynous, no gender look is striking. “You'll never see me in a miniskirt or heels, I can't even walk in them. I don't feel the feminine style is mine and I don't find it comfortable. I prefer to dress like this, with a t-shirt, shirt and trousers».

What relationship does he have with his body? “It's always been a sick relationship. I had a bad time where I gained 12 kilos in a month, then the following summer I lost ten, then gained it back, then lost it again. I still don't see well.'

At X Factor, his judge was Fedez. How is it with him? “At first it was cold with us, and I felt bad about it. As time passes it is opening up, dare I say endearing. He is a caterpillar, head down and working».

Linda Riverditi breaks the bank and Fedez sbrocca: confirmations and surprises on X Factor, in view of the final – guard

She is an author. What does she write about in her songs about her? “I can only write when I'm sick, and I can write both happy and sad songs. But when I'm fine, I don't have the inspiration».

Do you also write about love? “I've had a girlfriend for two years, but I can't write about her, I have to sharpen my writing to talk about such intimate things. I don't want to throw out a few words and sing the usual little love song'.

How did you meet your girlfriend? 'I prefer not to talk about it, I don't want my story to end up in the papers.'

What dreams after X Factor? Talent shows are no longer a guarantee of success. «It depends on how one plays it, on how one manages to manage one's image. I want what all those who make music dream of, transforming passion into a job ».