Lola Daviet, videos of the alleged killer dancing and singing on social media appear

A few days before the crime of the poor 12-year-old girl, Dahbia Benkired posted videos on TikTok in which she appeared carefree, made up and dressed like any 24-year-old. Yet she has always been spoken of as a scruffy and marginalized 'homeless person'.

  dahbia benkired Dahbia Benkired, the alleged killer of little Lola Daviet, will undergo psychiatric evaluation

Lola Daviet, who really is her alleged killer Dahbia Benkired? So far described as a clochard with several psychological problems, she is now sprouting social videos of her in which she dances and sings in a carefree way, dressed and made up like her peers. And all a few days before the crime that shocked France.

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THE CRIME - Dahbia Benkired (her surname has only now been known) is the 24-year-old Algerian, already expelled from France, accused of the kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Lola Daviet, who disappeared into thin air on her return from school. Framed by the videos of the building's surveillance cameras, by witnesses and by the plastic crate in which she left the little girl's mangled corpse, she has to answer for the worst crimes of the penal code: 'aggravated murder of a minor under the age of 15' and 'rape of a minor with acts of torture and barbarism”. The woman first confessed and then retracted everything.

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I VIDEO SOCIAL - An ex of hers had described her as confused, interested in both Satanism and evangelism: “The last time I saw her was ten days ago. She had lost her compass a bit in the sense that she spoke to herself. She moved her lips... I asked her 'What are you saying?' And she replied 'Nothing, nothing, it's between me and me'. She talked a lot about religion. She said to me 'I cross myself, I want to be a Christian, I want to go to church'. I asked her why and she replied 'Because I can't take it anymore'. She had begun to get into evangelicalism. I saw her draw a triangle with an eye with a pen”. There was talk of a scruffy homeless person who lived on the margins of society, expected in the next few days from a psychiatric report. However, videos are now emerging on TikTok dating back to four days before the barbaric murder: Dahbia dances and sings carefree, dressed and made up like any 24-year-old: she films herself singing Stand By Me of Ben E. King, o Nope of the French singer Louane, o Calm down by the Nigerian artist Rema. The appearance is far from neglected. On Facebook she wrote: 'The best stories are on my bank account: madness' thus letting it be understood that she also had significant financial resources. Thus, she returns to the question that everyone asked at the time of her arrest: who is really Dahbia Benkired? Meanwhile, the case continues to raise fuss in France due to the guilty silence on the Emmanuel Macron affair. As a motive, truly abnormal, only a disagreement between the woman and Lola's mother, caretaker of the building, remains on the table for a set of keys denied to open the door of the building where the sister of the alleged murderer lives.

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