Lola Daviet, who the alleged Algerian murderer really is: the atrocious crime of the 12-year-old Parisian becomes (also) a political case

Algerian with an expulsion decree on her shoulders, Dahbia B. She would have been helped by a compatriot who was also irregular. Satanist delirium and the retracted confession. Macron ignores the case and is targeted by the opposition

  lola parisi Lola Daviet: raped, tortured and killed at just 12 years old

Lola Daviet, now that it has been discovered that her alleged killer, the Algerian homeless Dahbia B., had a deportation decree on her shoulders, her horrendous murder also becomes a political case, with Emmanuel Macron attacked from both the right and the left.

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Lola, 12, found dead inside a trunk: shock in Paris. Eight arrested guard

THE STORY - Lola had disappeared on her return from school, in the 190 meters that divide the institute from home. They found her eight hours later, in a plastic case, dead of asphyxiation, with wounds everywhere. The investigation proceeds for 'aggravated murder of a minor under the age of 15' and 'rape of a minor with acts of torture and barbarism' and is against the Algerian clochard Dahbia B., framed in the surveillance video of the entrance hall of the building the last time Lola was seen. But who is he really?

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THE SATANIST DELIRIUM - To the issuer BfmTv a man who defined himself as her ex-partner says of her: “The last time I saw her was ten days ago. She had lost her compass a bit in the sense that she spoke to herself. She moved her lips... I asked her 'What are you saying?' And she replied 'Nothing, nothing, it's between me and me''. She says that she was interested in Satanism, but also in evangelism: 'she spoke about religion. She said to me 'I cross myself, I want to be a Christian, I want to go to church'. I asked her why and she replied 'Because I can't take it anymore'. She had begun to get into evangelicalism. I saw her draw a triangle with an eye with a pen”.

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THE RETIRED CONFESSION – Dahbia, 24, confessed and then recanted. In recent weeks she had frequented the condominium in rue Manin, in Paris, as a guest in the apartment of her sister Friha B, two years older than her. The Daviet family also lives there: Lola's father and mother are the caretakers of the condominium. Dahbia had recently had a falling out with the victim's mother for having been refused a badge to open the door. It is the only link at the moment between Lola and the alleged executioner, which leads the investigators to hypothesize an abnormal motive for revenge in an unbalanced mind. On Friday, the Algerian, seeing Lola in her building, would have convinced her to go up with her to her sister's apartment, at that moment at her job. The girl would have been forced to take a shower and suffer sexual abuse and cuts all over her body, especially on her back and throat. Once she died of asphyxiation, she had the numbers 1 and 0 written on the soles of her feet. Witnesses say they saw Dahbia with a trunk around 5pm. She asked passersby for help to carry it. She offered one of them money saying she was an organ trafficker. The man put his hand in the trunk, thought he saw a limb and ran to the police. But the Algerian found help at that point in her compatriot Rachid N., 43, a driver of hers and an old acquaintance of hers, who loaded the box into the car and took it to her apartment in Asnières- sur-Seine. Two hours later, with news of her disappearance going viral, Dahbia called an Uber and returned with the trunk to the crime scene, where a homeless person spotted it and raised the alarm. Instead, she spent the night at the home of Amine K., in Bois-Colombes, where she was arrested at dawn. She is indicated as cold, capable of an 'unheard-of ease in taking action', when she was shown the photos of Lola's massacre she replied 'she makes me neither hot nor cold. I too was raped and saw my parents die in front of me.' She confessed. But she finally retracted her saying that 'it is impossible for me to kill a little girl'.

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A POLITICAL CASE - According to what her sister explains, Dahbia has been living on the margins of society for some years. In 2018, she experienced spousal abuse, according to police records. She had entered France in 2016 with a student permit, which however had expired. In August she had been stopped at the airport in Paris and had been notified of her obligation to leave the country within 30 days. Rachid, the driver who helped her, is also in France on an irregular basis. And the case has raised controversy against the government. From both left and right: Eric Zemmour to Marine Le Pen have denounced the laxity of the authorities in fighting illegal immigration and also their silence. The only words on the matter had in fact been spent by the Minister of Education, Pap Ndiaye, with a visit to the girl's middle school. And Brigitte Macron, who had defined her murder as 'abominable and intolerable'. A little bit for a crime that has outraged the whole of France. Emmanuel Macron remained silent and even made a tweet in memory of the massacre of Algerians in Paris in 1961, the least appropriate he could do in front of public opinion. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin made no more good impression, who also praised a play at the Antoine theater on Twitter at the same time. Overwhelmed by the controversy, Darmanin finally defended himself as follows: 'I think that political leaders, or in any case those who define themselves as such, should reflect on the consequences of their words, if only for the families who see the photo of their little girl circulate everywhere. In addition to the drama that befalls a family, there is the indecency of the people who turn this story into an election leaflet'.