Lorella Cuccarini returns with the evening of Amici: 'At 57 I keep in shape like this'

The presenter and dancer is one of the coaches of the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. And here she tells how she regained her energy and fitness twenty years ago

 lorella-cuccarini-interview Lorella Cuccarini, 57, is the coach of the talent show Amici Photo Video

Lorella Cuccarini is ready for the evening episodes of the talent show Friends , in which he plays the role of coach, and in the meantime reveals what has changed in recent years. However, she started from a precise point, to which she has always remained faithful: «I have always believed in myself and I have always loved myself» – photo | video

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“FLY” AGAIN - Beautiful, snappy, with boundless energy. Lorella Cuccarini, 57 years old, she also demonstrated it on the stage of Sanremo 2023, where she joined Olly on the cover night, for a version of the night flies , his song (and unforgettable dance) dated 1989, when he was 24 years old. And it is precisely the presenter and dancer who tells of her golden moment: «It makes no sense to make comparisons with the 20 years. I can still give a lot, I am convinced of it », she told the weekly 7. Yet, on the Ariston stage, with a short black dress to show off her splendid legs, Lorella still looked like a little girl.

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YOUR WELLNESS ROUTINE - But Lorella Cuccarini has not always felt as good as she does now. In 2002, she explains, she had to have her thyroid removed for a suspected tumor. From the initial 56 kilos, 'after the surgery, I came to weigh 61. I was somewhat resigned to living with this new set-up'. Her turning point came last year, with a meeting with a nutritionist: «she taught me to eat five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks». Pasta yes, 50 grams, bread no. «In two months I returned to weigh 56 kilos. And now I always feel fit and full of energy. In her routine she has included two workouts: one for coordination (the Calisthenics ) and a metabolic one.

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READY FOR THE EVENING OF FRIENDS - Lorella Cuccarini is coach, together with the dancer Emanuel Lo, of one of the three teams of the 22nd edition of Friends , conducted by Maria De Filippi, who have been competing in the evening episodes since 18 March. On her social networks, she published a touching message for her team: «You will no longer be students, but professionals. Do your best and enjoy every moment. I am proud to be by your side.' The other teams that will compete are led by Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano and the second by Arisa and Raimondo Todaro. External judges, Cristiano Malgioglio, Michele Bravi and Giuseppe Giofrè.

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