Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, daughter Nina Speranza's birthday is a fairy tale

The eldest daughter of the most beautiful couple of our showbiz is three years old. And her parents prepare an unforgettable party for her. Full of fairies and flowers

 argentero-marino-nina-3-years Nina Speranza, blessed in the arms of mom and dad Photo Video

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino celebrate Nina Speranza's third birthday. Big, as always. As an introduction, mother Cristina spread a dozen photos of the little girl on social networks, with a customized dedication: “To you, Ciotti. To your energy. To your passion for the garden, clothes, ballet, books, painting and fairies. To you, I'm sure, in another life she was a magical fairy too'. And dad Luca's response heart immediately arrived. – photo | video

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino: 'What a challenge to stay away from Nina!' Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino: 'What a challenge to stay away from Nina!'

Luca Argentero: “I would like more children from Cristina Marino. I'm just scared of getting old

LIKE A FAIRY TALE - Then, the party. Organized as usual by Giorgia Farina, who had already set up the two previous birthday parties for Nina Speranza. The background: the Penelope restaurant by the sea. A party for fairies only. The theme, and the title, is: Nina’s Fairytale , or Nina's fairy tale. And there were fairies everywhere, even decorating the sweets: ice creams, cupcakes , muffin. The apotheosis? The cake: three tiers, full of flowers and with two fairies. No trace (photographic, at least) of Noé, the birthday girl's little brother. On the other hand, the selection at the entrance was clear: only fairies. Grand finale with photo session of Nina clinging to mum and dad's arms.

Luca Argentero with his wife Cristina Marino and their two children Nina and Noè, first outing as a foursome: never seen like this – guard