Luciano Pavarotti, finally his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Fifteen years after the death of the most famous Italian tenor in the world, the tribute arrives: 'A sign of sincere affection for my dad', for his daughter Cristina

 pavarotti-stella-walk-of-fame Luciano Pavarotti, inaugurated (finally) the star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood Photo Video

Fifteen years after his death, Hollywood Boulevard is enriched with a new star dedicated to Luciano Pavarotti. A posthumous recognition for the most famous tenor in the world. - Photo | video

Alice Pavarotti speaks: “I'll tell you about my magical moments with dad Luciano… he's always with me

FINALLY - “It is a great honor to represent my father on this beautiful occasion and I cannot tell you how much I wish he was here. If I think of him, of the value and quantity of the things he has created, of the paths he has opened and the many emotions given and received, I still feel a sense of vertigo today ”, says Cristina Pavarotti, daughter of Luciano. She adds: 'It was a spontaneous gesture now out of the interests of the majors, it was therefore a sign of sincere affection for my dad'.

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HOW MANY SUCCESSES - Big Luciano has garnered a lot of overseas success: an Emmy, six Grammy Awards, the 2001 Kennedy Center tribute, and huge hits at the Metropolitan, the Hollywood Bowl, with the Three Tenors, and Madison Square Garden. 'Luciano's incredible celebrity has spread all over the planet, going well beyond the confines of the opera house. In his path to establish himself internationally he went out of the box in a pioneering way ', the comment of the musical director of the Los Angeles Opera James Conlon.