Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti, honeymoon encore in the Maldives: never seen like this

Wife and husband carve out a romantic getaway in a super luxury resort in the Indian Ocean. A very special holiday, while the two daughters stayed at home. Because love must be cultivated. And they had never shown it like this yet. At least so far

 Luisa Ranieri and her husband Luca Zingaretti in the Maldives Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti (without daughters), lovebirds in the Maldives Photo Video

Luisa Ranieri It is Luca Zingaretti they don't like to reveal and show details of their private life. And so it's really news to see them together in the Maldives, as if they were on their honeymoon (bis). Both beautiful, both in love and without their daughters. I mean, really never seen like this – photo | video

Luisa Ranieri, I tell you about the love in my family Luisa Ranieri, I tell you about the love in my family

Luisa Ranieri, from Lolita Lobosco to Luca Zingaretti: 'For him it was love at first sight, not for me

FITTER THAN EVER - Inspector Montalbano has eaten his bacon and Deputy Commissioner Lolita Lobosco is in better shape and more beautiful than ever. Actors Luca Zingaretti and Luisa Ranieri are on holiday in the Maldives. “A few days in paradise, with you,” writes the actress on Instagram. Here are their private photos, in costume, in front of the crystalline sea of ​​the Indian Ocean. Love is seen, felt. Theirs looks like an encore honeymoon.

Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti celebrate 10 years of marriage: 'It's a lot of stuff!

GIVE CURTAIN TO PARADISE - We see them sitting on the resort's wooden dock, legs crossed, Matrix sunglasses. toned calves and biceps. Here is Luisa Ranieri in a turquoise bikini, with her feet in the water. She's not a diva pose, but whoever at 49, she's confident about. After the snows of Cortina, they are together again, thousands of kilometers away, without their daughters Emma and Bianca.

Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti with their daughters Emma and Bianca: red carpet of love among many VIP friends - guard

CRADLED BY THE SEA - Their bungalow is on stilts, with a private jetty, like all of the resort's. The reactions of the fans are positive: “You are a wonderful couple. Two wonderful people inside and out and two great actors. Class, values ​​and education always make the difference. Thank you for this beautiful example, we need it', writes Annabella. Friend Mara Venier sends a little heart. Francesca Michielin comments with affectionate smileys. But there are those who warn: “ Happy holidays… it is a pity that due to climate change this heavenly place will disappear…”.