Luisa Ranieri: “Finally it's up to us women” – exclusive

Wife of, daughter of. Until yesterday. But something is changing (and Giorgia Meloni as premier is also a sign). The actress who is making a splash with 'Lolita Lobosco' debunks the lie of the weaker sex. And what does her husband Luca Zingaretti think of her? It also answers this

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Engaged on the set of 'Nuovo Olimpo' by Ferzan Ozpetek, protagonist of 'Lolita Lobosco' in the successful fiction of Rai 1, Luisa Ranieri talks about herself in the Oggi issue on the newsstand. And she confides that success has been an uphill battle. She is a law student, model, when she realized she wanted to be an actress «my mum told me: I'll give you two years time, if nothing happens you go home. That thing about having a deadline gave me monstrous grit.' Lots of no's followed ('I didn't want to play the hottie on duty, who has a career that lasts two hours'), then Antonioni arrived and his nude for 'Eros' ('I don't regret it, but I didn't experience it well ») and the role of the turning point in «Luisa Spagnoli» – Photo | video

Luisa Ranieri, I tell you about the love in my family Luisa Ranieri, I tell you about the love in my family

Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti, 10 years of marriage: 'It's a lot of stuff!

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 !P!Today!IS!0005.2023!N!05 COVER Luisa Ranieri!E!.pdf THE MARRIAGE WITH LUCA ZINGARETTI – After marrying his colleague Luca Zingaretti (see), however, he hadn't worked for three years: «He was a hundred times more famous than me, beloved. And yes, her career stopped for a while. I want to think it's an accident, but it's very strange.' But even now, having acquired success, the actress confirms that it is not easy to be a female protagonist on the set: «For Italian actresses, the main part in a fiction has been a mirage for years. Always the wife of, the mother of. For 'Lolita' it was difficult to find well-known, recognizable names. You call them and they say “but this way it looks like I'm coming to play the second role next to you”. They are not used to it. But it's not the individuals, it's the system that is masculine. But it's changing.'

Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti kissing: never seen like this! – guard

AND ABOUT GIORGIA MELONI… – Are you happy with Giorgia Meloni premier? 'Yes, and I think we should all be, regardless of the political position.'

Luisa Ranieri: “I'm perfect? But if I'm a hipster. And Luca is a certainty!” – guard

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