Maccio Capatonda speaks: “I am a human case who loves human cases” - exclusive

He donated Lol's winnings to WWF, he oscillates between environmental commitment and the sofa, he became a director to change his parents' lives (without success). And he has only two certainties: 'That I will die and that I will never get married'

  maccio-capatonda-today-35 Maccio Capatonda, the comic actor confides in Oggi

Those who follow Maccio Capatonda since the early 2000s, when he was for Gialappa's non-existent movie trailers ( The fever, Mobbasta though , col sequel Mobbasta really though ) and surreal characters (Father Maronno, Mariottide). Who is a fan thanks to Lol - Who laughs is out , of which the Abruzzo comedian and director won the second edition. Who laughs for I sweat and enough , his latest video. In between, who has seen her three (real) films or read his two books: Book and book 2 . You can love it for different reasons, the difficult thing is to define it. “I'm a comedian. Or a crazy surrealist comedian, you name it, ”he says.

And how did it become? «I started making videos at 9, at 14 I had already made 5 medium-length films, edited using 2 VCRs, mine and that of the neighbor. Then I did sketch with friends, news and movie parodies. There was already everything that I would have become and that I started dreaming after seeing, at the age of 7, Back to the Future . She formed me. Over the years, I realized that what struck me was that in the film Marty saves his family: his parents are losers but by going back he makes sure that they become winners. I saw the 'bad luck' of my family, my parents who were together without being in love. I threw myself into the cinema dreaming of changing their destiny. I didn't make it, but my success gave at least some spice to their relationship '.

How do you get from Chieti to Milan, and now to Rome? «Passing from Perugia, from the faculty of advertising technique. A professor sent me to do an internship in a production house in Milan and it was the turning point. I started with TV, Gialappa's ... a trap. Milan can't get bored of you: it took me 20 years to get bored of her. It holds you back, you live there thinking that your work can only be done there and that elsewhere you will not achieve anything. Instead for me it was the opposite: when I moved to Rome in 2019, my work took off ».

He did a thousand things, including a 'Tg' from home during the lockdown, in which he involved Myriam, his partner whom he never talked about before. Because? “I created that format thanks to her and from then on I involved her in other projects. She has experience in film production even though she is a cultural mediator in her life. We have been together for 6 years and I am the case of her human being her, the media between me and the world ».

You are married? «I have only two certainties: I will die and I will never marry. On the children, on the other hand, I can't figure out what to do. I would like to, but I don't like the human race and the idea of ​​increasing it disturbs me. Those who do not know how to live in a place without modifying it to the point of putting it in danger, like man with the Earth, deserves to become extinct '.

Meanwhile, he donated the 100 thousand euro of LOL to the WWF. He is a staunch environmentalist, then? «Like everyone else, I divide myself between wanting to save the world and mind my own business. Now I understand that to promote the environmental cause nature must be made captivating with an advertising narrative and I am doing it for some companies. I would like to be more fundamentalist but, like everyone, until there is an emergency I will not really understand the seriousness of the problem. Drought, floods, collapsing glaciers are not enough. Capitalism cradles us and does not make us fully perceive the problem. It makes us comfortable and instead protecting the environment requires small daily efforts: sorting is more 'tiring' than throwing away a bag with everything in it '.

What do you like so much about her? And most importantly, what do you like about her? He looks unflappable. «I think I like the ability to displace by playing with language and the fact that, by playing, I send messages. I laugh with Frassica, Lundini, The Jackal, Ciprì and Maresco. I like human cases of Tik Tok , the discomfort exploited by those directly involved, broadcasters of themselves. I am also a human case: to be a comedian you have to be anomalous, manic, unstable, have a pinch of autism. I have it'.

Are you autistic? “I have never had a diagnosis made, but I recognize characteristics in myself that can be traced back to those of autism spectrum disorders. I am obsessive, overly precise, compulsive. All functional things to the work I do, because they make me different. A human case, in fact ».

Caso human is also Mariottide, the protagonist of his latest video, Sudo and that's it. How was it born? «In 2006 as an archetype of a loser singer. I sweat and enough it is a hymn to a summer in which you can even sweat, without necessarily partying, without pretending to be happy. We made it with Danti, with whom I had already worked in the video for You and I and with whom we have other things planned ».

What's wrong with having fun? 'Nothing. The problem is being forced to do it: the anxiety for fun is dictated by capitalism, it asks us to have fun, consume, produce. Polluting the world ».