Maneskin: victory at the MTV Video Music Awards 2022… with the yellow of censorship

Technical problems or 'censorship'? During the performance of the Roman group Victoria remains bare-chested after her one-shoulder dress has slipped off her and her cameras 'run away' framing the audience

 maneskin-vma-censorship The Maneskin conquer (and cause scandal) the MTV Video Music Awards… Look at the photos Photo Video

That the Maneskins win is no longer news. They are also the first Italians to win an award for the Mtv Video Music Awards with the video of I wanna be your slave . However, a possible yellow card was held up. During the event that took place at the Prudential Center in Newark in New Jersey, after winning the Best alternative, they then performed with the latest single Supermodel . Photo | video

LOOK SUPER ROCK – For the occasion, the group chose 'provocative' clothing, black dresses, sequins and sequins. Then what was perhaps judged an 'excess' for TV: the frontman Damiano with naked back and leather pants turned around showing a 'porthole' on the back that showed the thong and the lower back. A few seconds later Victoria De Angelis slipped off her one-shoulder bodysuit. She turned out to have one breast uncovered and the other covered by a heart-shaped nipple cover. Not new, it has already happened during concerts.

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CAMERAS ESCAPE - Since that moment, the Maneskin fans denounce, the MTV cameras have done everything to avoid tight shots, preferring to show the group from above or by framing only the frontman. The controversy via Twitter was immediate. Who spoke of censorship, who pointed out a different treatment between the male and female 'nude'. Still others speak of a gimmick by the group to get people to talk about them

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