Manuel Agnelli grooms 'his' Maneskin: 'Don't let them pull you by the jacket!'

The Afterhours leader presents his first solo album. And he gives advice to the band that he discovered, raised and forged. Plus, he explains why he left The X Factor

 damiano-maneskin-manuel-agnelli Manuel Agnelli on stage with Damiano. And he looks at the Maneskin frontman's vacation photos Photo Video

Manuel Agnelli has decided to invest in a solo career: his first album without the Afterhours is released, and with an evangelical title, Love your neighbor as yourself . And among the next closest to Agnelli, there are certainly the Maneskin, a rock band that Manuel chose, forged and raised during his adventure in X Factor . – Photo | video

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THE ADVICE GIVEN… - Commenting on the dejected post-election declarations of frontman Damiano David ('Today is a sad day for my country', he wrote on social media referring to Meloni's victory), moreover dubbed by another creature of X Factor , Francesca Michielin (“Today the resistance begins”), Agnelli says: “They work for magical reasons e not for well done projects. I understand that such young boys are pulled by the jacket and maybe they don't realize it, but they need someone around to take some responsibility'.

Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David of Maneskin, love holidays in Puglia - guard

… AND THE ONE RECEIVED - Agnelli does not dispute the gist of the message ('I've always been on the left. This is an opportunity for rebuild an identity on a vision that is content and not just an electoral victory'), but the simple fact that it was expressed. In the past, two months ago and always with regard to Maneskin, he had revealed that he had been advised to 'soften' Damiano: 'I was asked to calm him down (presumably dagli autori del talent, ndr) : on TV he could be obnoxious and arrogant. On the contrary, I emphasized it. I told him: 'Do what you want'. And, with little humility, I was right”.

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“I AM NOT A PUPPET” - And Agnelli also explained why, after playing the abrasive judge for five editions, he left X Factor : “I walked away from TV more than once so as not to become a hardcover of myself, a puppet” . The idea of ​​a solo record came to him during the lockdown: “Not being able to meet anyone and having dilated times I started making music without expectations, like when I was a boy. I played all the instruments, including some household utensils , and when I tried to bring in musicians they were normalized”.