Manuel Vallicella: depression, mother, suicide. The tragedy of the tronista of Men and women

The tattoo artist took his own life. She suffered from depression that worsened after the disappearance of her mother called 'my queen, my strength and my weak point'. This is what Ludovica Valli remembers, the person who courted him on the throne of the Canale 5 program

 manuel-vallicella-mother-suicide The tragic death of Manuel Vallicella, the depression after the loss of his mother… See the photos Photo

Manuel Vallicella, the former tronista of Men and women by Maria De Filippi committed suicide at the age of 35. The news shook the entertainment world. The well-known face of the TV had taken part in the transmission of Canale 5 in 2016, first as a suitor of Ludovica Valli and then as a tronista. In the second role he had recorded a few episodes preferring to return to the life of a tattoo artist. Photo

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THE HIDDEN DEPRESSION - A death that took everyone by surprise. Especially his lifelong friends: 'he did not take drugs and was healthy as a fish,' Enrico Ciriaci, a friend of Manuel's, told Fanpage. “He has been suffering from depression since his mother died three years ago but we never thought he would take his own life. He wasn't the kind of person who externalized his problems to him, he kept everything inside him. '

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FAREWELL TO FOOTBALL FOR A THRONE - The career as a professional footballer ended early. In 2016 he came across Men and Women. He began as a suitor of Ludovica Valli, now an influencer with 1.8 million followers who, reached by reporters, remembered him like this: «I'm speechless, really shocked. I will never forget your shyness and your sweet eyes. Now you can rest, may the earth be light to you Manuel. You will always remain in my heart. I am sending you and I will continue to send you, up there, always, our hugs ».

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A FRAGILE BOY - Picking up from the archives of the transmission one discovers phrases in which he describes himself in a severe way «Too many times in my street I have left many situations unfinished for my character, especially beautiful people. I'm not a perfect boy, in some respects they are to be avoided and it's not easy to be close to me ». And again: «In my life I have lost more than I have found but I have understood that we must never stop finding».

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THE MOTHER HER UNIVERSE - Speaking of his mother, who died 3 years ago, he said 'My mother is my queen, my strength and my weak point.' And perhaps the choice to die is to be attributed to this absence.