Mara Venier, her great loves and ... the toxic one: 'An ex of mine tried to kill me'

'I had a very violent companion, once he waited for me outside the house with a knife', reveals the presenter to Corriere della Sera. And then she reviews her great loves, from a nephew of Agnelli to Nicola Carraro. That she conquered it thanks ... to pasta and beans

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Mara Venier talks about all her loves. All great, especially the one underway with Nicola Carraro. But in the past there is one that made her suffer a lot. And that has also put it in danger - Photo | video

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'HE WAS WAITING FOR ME WITH A KNIFE' - In a long interview with Corriere dell Sera , Mara, who is about to set sail for her fourteenth Sunday In (“Baudo stopped at 13 ″, she points out), she says:“ I had a violent partner. Very violent. He beat me. He came to try to kill me ”. A revelation he had never made. And to which she gives these outlines: He waited for me under the house with a knife ”. The man, who died and whom Mara says she forgave, did not 'accept l at the end of our story. She said she still loved me. But this is not love. They are men who feel they own your body and soul. And they destroy you ”.

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'I FEEL SCARED' - Venier continues: “I felt fear. The fear of physical violence, and the fear of filing a complaint. But I was in love, and when you love you don't want to see: love leads you to justify almost everything. It was a serious mistake. In the end I was forced to report, I went to the set with two carabinieri as an escort ”. But in the interview with the Corriere there is not only fear. There is a lot of love. The first was just a suitor: Prince Sebastien von Furstenberg, the nephew of Agnelli, son of his sister Clara. He came to pick me up on a Gold Cup table at the railway station in Mestre '.

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A BOY AS BEAUTIFUL AS THE SUN - The second was Francesco Ferracini, 'a boy as handsome as the sun' met in Piazza Ferretto in Mestre. “I fall madly in love with it. The first night of love I got pregnant. I didn't even know how babies were born, ”says Mara. That she had to resort to the classic shotgun wedding. “I didn't have the courage to tell my parents that I was expecting a baby, even though my mom understood. The priest, Don Gino Trevisan, was very against: “Hold the toseto , but don't stay at maritarte! ”. On the evening of the wedding, the groom left for Rome: he dreamed of being an actor. And I stayed in the house of the railway workers, where Elizabeth was born ”.

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MEROLA, A LORD - It was Mara, however, who became an actress in Rome, where she went to follow her husband. In fact, Venier recalls: 'I played the part of Vanda, a suicidal Jew after the racial laws, in Diary of an Italian with Alida Valli. Then I worked with Nanni Loy and Dario Argento. But also with Mario Merola in Digger '. Merola la Venier remembers him as “a gentleman. Every night he took me to dinner with my daughter. And then she sang the songs my mom loved ”.

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THE LOVE OF LIFE - The man of her life, however, is Nicola Carraro. Venier recounts their first meeting as follows: “I've heard about him all my life: intelligent, very cool, a retired producer, between Los Angeles and the Caribbean… One evening Melania Rizzoli organizes a dinner to let three of her friends meet Nicola. I ask: why don't you invite me too? ”. The impact, however, is not the best. “I spend an afternoon in agitation, I put on make-up, I put on a little black dress, I go to the restaurant as always in advance, and I await this famous Nicola Carraro. Enter a command Milanese with a blue jacket with gold buttons, a great golfer, and I say to myself: I have nothing to do with this here '.

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GALEOTTA WAS PASTA AND BEANS - What “saved” Carraro was… pasta and beans. Because when dinner was running out, Nicola approached Venier and said: “I know her. 'I know her. I know her because she makes fabulous pasta and beans ”. Jerry Calà, Mara's ex-husband, put Carraro on the right track (and pasta). Then, Mara continues, “Melania did everything. She said to her to me: Nicola is crazy about you. To him she said: Mara is crazy about you. One evening he went up to drink a glass of grappa, and we drained the bottle. Nothing happened; but she told me everything about him ”.