Marcell Jacobs, only dad is missing from the super wedding with Nicole Daza: “He cheated me. She didn't even call '

The fastest man in the world got married in Desenzano del Garda. Following, a mega party with 170 guests. But one. Which left a veil of bitterness on the day

 matrinonium_jacobs-1920pdf Marcell Jacobs and the wedding with Nicole Daza: what a show! Video

Marcell Jacobs got married. After a dream year and many laurels posted on the bulletin board, the fastest man in the world is married at the Torre di San Marco in Gardone Riviera with Nicole Daza, mother of Antony and Megan, two of his three children. Super special day for her, since it is also her 29th birthday. But for the Olympic gold there was also a bitter surprise: 'My dad didn't come, he cheated me'. - video 1 | video 2

Marcell Jacobs and the marriage with Nicole Daza, the hug with his friend Tamberi - guard

THE CEREMONY - Party with 170 guests. Among them, however, there is not Lamont Jacobs, the American father who had abandoned him as a child together with his mother Viviana. At the Gazzetta dello Sport the champion says: “he didn't come, he swindled me. This time I didn't even hear it. Fortunately, since last Sunday my grandmother, uncles and some cousins ​​have arrived from the United States, in all sixteen people. They will stay until Monday in Mom's hotel '.

Nicole Daza in Ibiza, Marcell Jacobs convict: bachelorette and bachelorette parties are very different - guard

DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIP - Marcell had revealed the difficult relationship with his father after the Tokyo gold medal: 'Who is your dad, my friends asked me when I was a child: he doesn't exist, I answered, I barely know that I bear his name. For years I have built a wall. And when my dad tried to contact me, I didn't care. I hated him for missing, I reversed the perspective: he gave me life, crazy muscles, speed. I judged him without knowing anything about him '.

Marcell Jacobs, unauthorized portrait of the fastest Italian ever. In view of the wedding - guard

WEDDING TRIP - Before the ceremony, Marcell also talked about his bachelor party: 'We had a lot of fun, on Friday with the Capo Plaza concert, while on Saturday they dressed me as a prisoner and handcuffed me, taking me around the neighborhood. Fleming to Ponte Milvio. I suffered an absurd heat with that disguise ”. For the honeymoon, however, he will have to wait until September 24, because he is first engaged at the Trento Sports Festival. Then “we will spend two weeks of absolute relaxation in Bali, in three different hotels between the sea and the forest, while the last seven days we will move to a resort in the Maldives. On October 15th we will be back in Italy ”.

Marcell Jacobs, golden man of the Europeans also thanks to his future wife Nicole Daza - guard