Marco Bellavia leaves Big Brother Vip. And the others in the House bully him for his depression

The former host of Bim Bum Bam abandons the reality show due to health problems. His 'colleagues' indulge in unedifying comments. She and she is storm

 marco-bellavia-big-brother-depression-1920 Marco Bellavia fleeing the house of Big Brother Vip Photo Video

Storm over Big Brother Vip: the competitor Marco Bellavia, former presenter of Bim Bum Bam, has left the House, unleashing uproar and revolt on the web. What happened? Bellavia, entering the game, had immediately shown his problems of fragility and depression, asking for support from the other tenants. Mal caught him: the other competitors treated him very badly, isolating and bullying him. The only competitor who showed solidarity with Marco was the former fencing champion Antonella Fiordelisi. The situation has become untenable, so much so that Bellavia has left the house (it is not clear whether the decision is hers or whether it was pushed by the authors), and the televoting, which involved Bellavia, Giovanni Ciacci and Giaele De Donà, was canceled – Photo | video

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PROTEST – The case exploded: Big Brother Vip would have given a bad example of how the delicate issue of mental health is treated on TV. Above all, Gegia, Patrizia Rossetti, Charlie Gnocchi, Ginevra Lamborghini were contemptuous of Marco. Above all, Giovanni Ciacci ended up in the crosshairs of social media, due to his inappropriate phrases. «We got rid of a Marco from the c… ..», he said. And then he insisted: «Here it must be understood who needs to be killed, who bothers us the most. Aim, aim, fire.' Spectators have revolted: Ciacci has asked to participate in the Gf to raise public awareness of HIV-positive people, and then he is the first to mistreat those suffering from depression. The hashtag #iostoconbellavia is spreading on social networks. Not only that, a woman showed up at the reality show studios in Rome, in the Cinecittà district, with a megaphone to protest against the competitors guilty of insensitive and correct behavior.

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