Margrethe of Denmark, 50 years on the throne. But her granddaughter Isabella steals the show from her

The queen canceled the most showy celebrations (no processions and zero 'apparitions' on the balcony) out of respect for her 'colleague' Elizabeth of England. But at a gala dinner ...

 isabella-margrethe-denmark-50-years-reign At the gala for the 50th anniversary of Margrethe, it is the granddaughter Isabel who attracts attention Photo Video

After the death of Elizabeth of England, Margrethe of Denmark is the queen with - let's use the term 'proletarian' on purpose - more seniority. A beloved queen, considering that, when she took the throne on January 14, 1972, only 45 percent of Danes were in favor of the monarchy. Fifty years later, the percentage jumped to 80 percent. A plebiscite - Photo | video

Margrethe of Denmark thus celebrates 50 years of reign: the evening at the Palace with children and grandchildren is a true fairy tale - guard

IN MINOR REQUEST - In these days, multitudinous celebrations were planned to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Margrethe, but the queen, on her own initiative and as a sign of respect for her 'colleague' Elizabeth, reduced the celebrations to a minimum: no procession through the streets of Copenhagen, zero appearances on the Amalienborg balcony and canceled folk music festival. Margrethe, who modernized the monarchy (for example by encouraging two of her gods to marry non-noble partners), recalled Elizabeth with these words: 'A figure that stands out among the European monarchs and a great inspiration for all of us: we will miss him terribly' .

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A SPLENDOR - However, a dinner at the Copenhagen theater has not been canceled, and here the 15-year-old Princess Isabella of Denmark shines, simply perfect at her first gala in a red silk dress by Lasse Spangenberg, sandals by Jimmy Choo and Kharisma Supernova earrings owned by his mother, Mary of Denmark.