Maria Laura of Belgium and William Isvy, the royal wedding in Brussels is also a bit Italian

Two ceremonies, a very private one in the Town Hall, and a sumptuous one in the cathedral. And on the hair of the bride, granddaughter of the former King Albert and Paola Ruffo of Calabria, a tiara of a thousand and one nights shone ...

 Wedding Of Princess Maria Laura Of Belgium And William Isvy In Brussels Maria Laura of Belgium and Willikam Isvy, double wedding in Brussels Photo Video

Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, in whose veins flows Italian blood (she is the daughter of Astrid, the second child of the former King Albert and of the former Queen Paola Ruffo of Calabria), and the Anglo-French banker William Isvy married in dose double in Brussels. First the civil ceremony, in the Town Hall, in front of a small and highly selected audience: only 35 guests. The formulas were spoken in four languages ​​(but not in Italian), with the bride in a Gucci mini dress. As witnesses Maria Laura chose her sisters, the princesses Luisa and Laetitia; the groom, the sister and the brother. Photo | video

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AND THEN THE GLASS - In short, an intimate and fast thing, almost austere, except for the picket of honor waiting for the newlyweds outside the town hall. The pomp is 'recovered' later, in the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula. Change of dress for Maria Luisa, who arrived arm in arm with her father, Prince Lorenz of Austria-Este, with a dress by Vivienne Westwood sewn for her with essential lines and an embroidered cathedral veil.

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WHAT A JEWEL! - Impossible not to notice on the bride's blonde hair a jewel of inestimable value, the Savoy Aosta tiara, whose first owner was Princess Anna d'Orléans, who in 1927 married Amedeo d'Aosta, who died in 1942 in a prison camp in Kenya . The tiara is carambulated in Belgium thanks to Prince Lorenz, father of the bride and husband of Astrid of Belgium: Lorenz's mother was Margherita di Savoia Aosta.