Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, her battle against rape is a success

The Grand Duchess has set up an organization to raise funds and awareness against sexual violence in war zones. And now she takes stock of the Nobel Peace Prize gynecologist who inspired her

 maria-teresa-lussembourg-denis-mukwege-gala-beneficenza-biarritz Maria Teresa of Luxembourg during the meeting in Biarritz where she took stock of the results of the Stand Speak Rise Up! Photo Video

Maria Teresa of Luxembourg has given herself a commendable mission. Engage in raising awareness and giving concrete help to victims of sexual violence in war zones. This is why about three and a half years ago you created the Stand Speak Rise Up! – Photo | video

William of Luxembourg and Stephanie De Lannoy, the ceremony in the cathedral and the kiss at the Royal Palace William of Luxembourg and Stephanie De Lannoy, the ceremony in the cathedral and the kiss at the Royal Palace

THE DECISIVE MEETING - The initiative of the Grand Duchess was born from a somewhat casual encounter. Two years earlier in Luxembourg she had given a conference to Denis Mukwege, the Congolese gynecologist Nobel Peace Prize winner, founder of the Panzi Hospital and considered the world's leading expert in the treatment of internal physical damage caused by rape. “The speech moved me so much – recalled the Grand Duchess with Paris Match – that I immediately wanted to meet him. The next day she was kind enough to come and see me at the Palace and he told me about Sema, the network of survivors from around the world that she had created ”. In short, the meeting paved the way for Maria Theresa's commitment, while the following year Mukvege received the Nobel.

Maxima d'Olanda and Mathilde del Belgio at the Gala for the 200 years of Regno – guard

PROUD - Now the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg has had the opportunity to take stock of her initiative with a gala organized at the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz which was also attended by Mukvege. With him guests actors and artists, but also Pramila Patten, UN special representative on sexual violence in conflicts. Stand Speak Rise Up! in a short time he obtained results of which Maria Teresa of Luxembourg now says she is 'very proud'. Starting with UN resolution 2467, to continue with the provision of expert lawyers, such as the Trial International group, to women victims of this form of rape. With the first important successes, such as the recent ruling by a Bosnia Herzegovina court which granted legal recognition to children born from rape in war.