Mario Cipollini sentenced to three years for injuries, stalking and threats. Ex-wife Sabrina Landucci in tears: 'Justice is done'

The judge increases the sentence requested by the prosecutor for injuries and stalking against Sabrina Landucci and threats to her new partner. She: 'Now I can see some light'

 cipollini_landucci645 Mario Cipollini and Sabrina Landucci separated on May 16, 2005. They have two daughters Photo Video

Mario Cipollini was sentenced to three years for assaulting and stalking his ex-wife Sabrina Landucci and for threatening his current partner, Silvio Giusti. The penalty established by the judge of the Lucca court Felicia Barbieri is even higher than that requested by the prosecutor Letizia Cai, who had hoped for 2 years and six months exclusive photos | video 1 | video 2

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Mario Cipollini and the trial for threats to his ex-wife Sabrina Landucci: 'Here is my truth

HISTORY AND WORDS TODAY - The facts date back to 2016 and 2017, when, according to the indictment, the former cycling champion carried out 'a series of acts harmful to the physical and mental integrity of his ex-wife with punches, slaps, kicks, with injuries and death threats'. All while she was trying to start a new life with another man. Sabrina, sister of Marco Landucci, former goalkeeper of Inter and Fiorentina and assistant coach of Juventus, told a terrible slice of life. She entrusted her outburst of hers too Today , motivating his decision to go to the end to bring out the truth: “This story destroyed me, but after the attack on the place where I work I had no choice. I decided to report it out of respect for myself.

Mario Cipollini on trial for stalking, injuries and threats. The ex-wife Sabrina Landucci speaks: 'he destroyed me ...' - exclusive

JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE - Mario has always denied the charges and it is certain that the defense will appeal. He was not present at the reading of the sentence, for which he will also have to compensate Sabrina with 85 thousand euros and Silvio Giusti with 5 thousand. Instead, she didn't hold back her tears in the courtroom  embracing the lawyer Susanna Campione who assisted her: 'It's difficult to comment, but I'm happy even if it was a very difficult journey and today was a very difficult day. It was really hard to listen because the defense part hurt me very, very badly, I felt really offended and above all the thing that offended me the most was having drawn this image of myself as an inadequate mother while it is the thing against which I struggled all my life. I hope that this story of mine will be of use to many people who have not been able to take this step for years'. She therefore concluded by looking to the future: 'Justice has been done, now I can see some light'.

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