Mary and Joachim of Denmark, the flirt that rocks the Danish court

The Spanish tabloids are spreading an incredible gossip: the second royal son Joachim would have a 'crush' on his sister-in-law Mary, the future queen consort of Denmark

 mary-joachim-1920 From left, Joachim, his sister-in-law Mary and her husband, heir to the throne, Frederik Photo Video

One after another is happening in the court of Denmark. In recent days, you have been discussing Queen Margrethe II's decision to remove the title of prince from the children of her second son Joachim of her. But now, the Spanish tabloids are spreading an indiscretion that is incredible: the queen, with this decision of hers, would like to 'punish' Joachim, because the prince would have a 'crush' on his sister-in-law Mary. That is, for the brother's wife, the eldest son Frederik: the future queen consort of Denmark - Photo | video

Mary of Denmark elegant in lilac at the gala dinner with the Queen Mary of Denmark elegant in lilac at the gala dinner with the Queen

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark removes the titles from her grandchildren: now she apologizes, but does not go back - guard

THE QUEEN'S DECISION - Let's try to put this crazy puzzle back together. The queen's decision to deprive her grandchildren of the title of princes has created an uproar. On paper, Margrethe would 'only' intend to streamline the court entourage (it is the same route taken by King Charles III of England: she wants few titled and operative royals) and to leave her grandchildren free to choose their Street. The problem is that relations in the Danish royal family are rather uneven. Joachim and his wife Marie have long complained of being treated unfairly by the court. The two, with their families, had also been transferred by force to the Danish embassy in Paris. That their sons should now lose their titles seems like a form of doggedness. So much so that the queen has issued a further statement to apologize (without, however, going back on her decision). In fact, the tabloids claim from vanity to the Daily Mail , wants to send his son Joachim a clear message…

Mary and Marie of Denmark as Kate and Meghan: the war between the sisters-in-law escalates (because of Queen Margrethe) – guard

THE (ALLEGED) COTTA DI JOACHIM - The matter of Joachim's 'crush' on Mary is unclear. And it is not substantiated by any evidence. Meanwhile, there is no mention of a love story, an extramarital affair. It seems rather a one-sided interest: there is talk of a photograph in which Prince Joachim, drunk, seems intent on kissing Mary during a gala to general embarrassment… It is also said that Joachim is deeply in love with his sister-in-law from the first moment they he saw her. The rumors are reinforced by a series of 'complementary' facts (calling them clues is too much). Or by the fact that, in his second marriage, Joachim married Marie, a woman who has a name and appearance so similar to that of Mary. Again, from the fact that the two sisters-in-law Marie and Mary don't get along. So far, members of the royal house have refused to answer questions about this thorny tangle of state decisions and feelings.