Massacre of Erba, Olindo Romano speaks from prison: 'We have new evidence and a new witness in our favor'

The man sentenced to life imprisonment with his wife Rosa Bazzi trusts in the review of the process. Thanks also to the testimony of the Tunisian Abdi Kais, who was the first to speak to the weekly Oggi about the drug dealing hypothesis

  olindo-romano-rosa-bazzi-massacre-erba-revision-1920 Olindo and Rosa have been in prison since 8 January 2007, the day of their first arrest Photo Video

Olindo Romano returns to speak from prison. He tells of his life in his cell, of the sporadic encounters that he manages to have with his Rosa. And he hopes for the revision: 'They had to investigate the drug dealing trail, I still think it was easier to frame two people like us who are not very smart' - Photo | video

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THE MASSACRE OF GRASS - He and his wife have been in jail since the day of their first arrest, 8 January 2007. They were accused of the massacre that took place in the court in via Diaz, in Erba, on 11 December 2006. Raffaella Castagna, her son Youssef Marzouk, the her mother Paola Galli and the neighbor who lived in the attic of the building, Valeria Cherubini. There were no traces of the spouses in the palace of the massacre, nor of the victims in their home. But the couple was condemned in all three levels of judgment thanks to three elements: the recognition of the only wounded survivor Mario Frigerio, who, after having accused for over two weeks a man taller than him, with an olive complexion, never seen first and martial arts expert, he pointed his index finger at the neighbor, shorter than him, of white complexion, well known to the victim and a garbage man by profession. The second test was a DNA stain on the door sill of the spouses' car, which no one ever saw except the carabiniere who claimed to have found it despite describing it as diluted and washed, while the expert who analysed, Carlo Previderè, defined it as original and focused. The third evidence was the retracted confessions of Olindo and Rosa, full of errors, despite having been released by looking at the photos of the crime scene: one every 30 seconds for him, at practically every description of the scene. While it was necessary for Rosa to hear all of her husband's statements so that they could match. They didn't even know that the light had been cut off: and in fact they described the clothes and details that only those who looked at the photos could tell, given that it was pitch dark in that apartment at 8 in the middle of winter.

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OLINDO'S WORDS - Now Olindo speaks from prison to Adnkronos : “Sixteen years have passed since the Erba massacre, I'm reflecting on it a lot these days. Perhaps the time has come for some clarity. And he talks about his life which hasn't changed since 2007: “Life is always the same in the cell, nothing new. To pass the time, I continue to work in the kitchen, for the rest I am doing nothing all day, often in the company of some other prisoner forced like me in this prison'.

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THE NEW TESTS - He says he hopes to be reviewed in the light of 'new evidence and a key witness'. For the most part these are the missing interceptions unearthed over the years by the weekly Today, which also brought to light a certain conversation that took place between Frigerio and the carabinieri, never finished in the records, on Christmas morning 2006, the day before the prosecutors arrived from the witness to collect the new version of the survivor, who for the first time would have indicated in Olindo her attacker. The witness was also found and first interviewed by Today : it is the Tunisian Abdi Kais, at the time officially residing in the apartment of Raffaella and her husband Azouz Marzouk. A drug dealer who indicated a very different track and with a real motive for a massacre of this kind: that of drug dealing and the quarrel, which had already resulted in assaults and stabbings, between the group of Tunisians and that of some, very specific, Moroccans ( guard ). Olindo thanks his lawyer Fabio Schembri, who with Luisa Bordeaux and Nico D'Ascola is among his historical defenders. And he adds: “He has always been convinced of my innocence and that of Rosa and he is no longer the only one, thank God, to believe that my wife and I did not commit the Erba massacre. I don't know why the drug dealing trail hasn't been investigated, I still think it was easier to frame two people like us who weren't very awake and unaware of what was coming upon us'.

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WE, BINDED UP - Thinking back, he goes back to when they ended up in the investigators' sights: 'I happen to think back to those days and how they duped and made fun of us, so much so that only when they took us to Bassone' or the Como prison 'we realized that we were the suspects. Since then everything is absurd and continues to be unreal. I remember the quarrels from Raffaella and Azouz's house well, they often quarreled, but we didn't think of making a massacre because of this. And, in fact, we have nothing to do with it. Who did it? I don't know, otherwise I would have already told my lawyers, but certainly a similar massacre can only be done by those who are used to doing those things, I don't think it is easy to improvise such a heinous act'.

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FRIGERIO, A BRAVE PERSON - As for Mario Frigerio, who disappeared today and who carried out the investigation on them, he explains: “Frigerio was used like us. I think back to that man when I met him: he was a good person, so I think they manipulated his memories to make him testify against us. I consider him a victim like us.' But that he was a good person, to tell the truth, is not claimed only now. He kept repeating this to his wife, hoping that he would save himself to frame the killers, in the wiretaps in the couple's house, considered useless by the carabinieri and never ended up in the trial file.

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ROSE AND ME - Many years later, Olindo still thinks of his wife: 'It's hard, but somehow life in prison goes on, I see Rosa as soon as possible. Two days before Christmas I went to see you in Bollate and I'm happy. The thought keeps me afloat that sooner or later, I hope sooner than later, it will be possible to ascertain that we did not commit the Erba massacre”.

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