Massacre of Erba, twist: Milan's pg Cuno Tarfusser asks to reopen the case

Pending the request for a review by the lawyers of Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, the Deputy Attorney General Cuno Tarfusser files a request for a review. Pg Francesca Nanni and Advocate General Lucilla Tontodonati must now decide whether to join the request

  olindo-romano-rosa-bazzi-massacre-erba-revision-1920 Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi are serving life sentences for the massacre of December 11, 2006 Photo Video

Massacre of Erba, a sensational request for revision arrives. Sensational because it is not the lawyers of Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi who are filing it, who are still drafting the appeal to be presented in Brescia, but the deputy attorney general of Milan Cuno Tarfusser. - photo | video

Giovanna Mezzogiorno, the story of the sister raised by two women Giovanna Mezzogiorno, the story of the sister raised by two women

What if Rosa and Olindo were innocent? – special massacre of Erba

THE FACTS - Olindo and Rosa are in life imprisonment, he in Opera and she in Bollate, for the massacre of 11 December 2006, in which Raffaella Castagna, her son Youssef Marzouk, her mother Paola Galli and her neighbor Valeria Cherubini were killed. Only the latter's husband, Mario Frigerio, survived, whose memory changed over time from an unknown olive tree taller than him, to the well-known white neighbor shorter than him: that is, the opposite of him.

Massacre of Erba, the new shocking testimony of Abdi Kais can reopen the case - exclusive

THE REQUEST - The first news on the possible reopening of the case advanced by the magistrate of the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office is beaten by the Adnkronos late yesterday evening: 'We can't talk about a review, but it's useless to deny that something is moving,' a source told the agency. Shortly after it is Handle to specify that Tarfusser filed a report with the Attorney General 'Francesca Nanni and the Advocate General Lucilla Tontodonati, drawn up on the basis of new elements presented by the defence, for the possible reopening of the case on the Erba massacre'. And now Nanni and Tontodonati, the agency specifies, will have to decide whether to join the petition.

Massacre of Erba, the counter-investigation: when Mario Frigerio recognized Olindo Romano as his attacker - guard

TODAY'S DISCOVERIES - As reported by the Handle , several of the new elements concern the interceptions that never entered the trial and new testimonies: more is not known at the moment. However, as far as the defense review request is concerned, the new elements are largely the discoveries made by Today in the years ( guard ) on untranscribed audio that contradicted the survivor's testimony ( guard ). Even a new witness was discovered by our weekly: it is Abdi Kais, the Tunisian who at the time of the massacre was a resident of the apartment of Raffaella Castagna and Azouz Marzouk. He told us about a well-defined lead that led to a dispute between gangs of drug dealers, especially Moroccans, from which the group of Tunisians had been attacked with knives. But the lawyers also entrusted advice to international experts for the analysis of the audio and confessions, as well as the blood stain found on Olindo's car. And yet they have commissioned psychiatrists and doctors who, as revealed in the recent special de Hyenas , re-evaluated the wounds of Valeria Cherubini: contrary to what was reported in the sentences, the woman would never have been able to go back up the stairs due to the blows she suffered. She was killed by force in her attic: but in this case, the killers could not be the spouses, as they would never have been able to return to their home to change, since rescuers were already present on the spot.

Massacre of Erba, the request for revision for Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi is ready. The lawyer Fabio Schembri speaks: 'The findings of the weekly Oggi are fundamental' - guard