Massimo Ambrosini and his wife Paola Angelini: 'Our son Alessandro's illness has changed us like this'

The former Milan footballer and the mother of little Alessandro talk about the difficulties of their third child. And how they have also set in motion to help those in the same situation as them, but with fewer possibilities. Without being able to hold back the emotion

  massimo-ambrosini-wife-paola Massimo Ambrosini and his wife Paola Angelini have three children: Federico, Angelica and Alessandro Photo Video

Massimo Ambrosini returns to talk about the disease that struck his son Alessandro. With his wife Paola Angelini he talks about what this has meant for their family. Of the changes it brought about. Until the emotion – photo | video

Massimo Ambrosini: marathon for (and with) his diabetic son Massimo Ambrosini: marathon for (and with) his diabetic son

Massimo Ambrosini, the surprise announcement: “Our 3-year-old son is ill

FOR NOW THERE IS NO CURE - Massimo Ambrosini, a tender and combative father. Since he discovered that his youngest son (Alessandro, who is almost 3 years old) is suffering from type 1 diabetes, the former AC Milan footballer has been trying to raise public awareness about research into a disease from which (for now) cannot be cured. And he does it in different ways: talking about it on TV and taking the cause to heart… even with his own two legs.

Bobo Vieri, Massimo Oddo and Massimo Ambrosini at the park with their young children: football players are now (almost) full-time dads - guard

“HE NOW HAS TWO SENSORS IN THE BODY” - Head of delegation of the Under 21 national team, Massimo Ambrosini tells very true how he and his wife Paola Angelini, with whom he is the parent of two other children – Federico and Angelica – discovered Alessandro's pathology. 'He had started drinking a lot, peeing a lot and losing weight'. Blood tests alarmed them: “Alessandro had very high blood sugar, we went to the hospital and in an hour they gave us the diagnosis. Type 1 diabetes, from which there is no cure. The ugliest sentence was that it is a disease from which there is no cure ”, he says. To manage blood glucose levels, Alessandro now 'has a blood glucose sensor on his arm and a pump (insulin, ed ) on the butt'. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and about 200,000 people suffer from it in Italy.

When Paola Angelini was pregnant with Alessandro – guard

'SCHOOL POSTPONED' – “Alessandro is fine, it is not a disease that causes psychological or motor deficits”, continue Masismoe. Paola, her voice breaking with emotion. “Diabetics can live normally, they only have a gestational problem since poor blood sugar management wears out our body much faster”. However, Alessandro's life has limitations because, as the mother explains, despite eating everything thanks to the help of insulin, the child is still forced to keep a machine on his arm and a baby carrier on his stomach. Sport is also limiting, because too intense physical activity risks sending him into hyperglycemia. The parents have therefore decided that, for the moment, kindergarten will be postponed, in order to keep Alessandro under control in this delicate phase.

The whole Amborisini: super family at the park – guard

ON THE RUN... TO SEARCH - Not just tv. To explain to many people what type 1 diabetes is and to support research, the former midfielder organized a team to run the Lenovo Relay, the Milan Marathon relay, in favor of the Italian Diabetes Foundation. A group made up of former AC Milan stars: in addition to Ambrosini, on 2 April in the streets of the Lombard capital there were former defender Billy Costacurta and former goalkeeper Dida. Andrij Shevchenko was also supposed to participate. They completed the 42.195 km of the marathon, running it in fractions, in just over 3 hours and 35 minutes. A great result which also had as its objective the collection of funds for the search for a definitive cure for type 1 diabetes, precisely because one has not yet been found so far.