Mathilde of Belgium copies (or almost) Kate Middleton's dress and super jewels, but there is no match ...

The state banquet for the Swiss president is staged in Brussels. Except that the Queen's outfit is too similar to the one the Princess of Wales showed off in London just three days earlier. And the choice does not go unnoticed in the royal palaces of half of Europe

 mathilde-belgio-copy-kate-middleton Mathilde of Belgium in Kate Middleton's 'different twin' version Photo Video

Mathilde of Belgium copies Kate Middleton: after just three days, the sovereign shows up at a gala dinner with the exact same (or almost) outfit as the Princess of Wales. And if it's not a real gaffe, we're close. Or, at least, they do nothing but talk about it in the royal palaces of half of Europe - Photo | video

Mathilde from Belgium copies Kate Middleton… and loses Mathilde from Belgium copies Kate Middleton… and loses

Kate Middleton, marvel in white: title, style, elegance, jewels ... the Princess of Wales is really back - guard

STATE BANQUET – The fact is that Mathilde of Belgium is next to her husband Philip for the evening banquet on the occasion of the state visit to Brussels of the President of Switzerland Ignazio Cassis, with his wife Paola Cassis. And the fact is that the queen chooses a dress, a sumptuous crown, a colored sash, a cape… In short, exactly (or almost) the outfit sported by Kate Middleton for her first gala as Princess of Wales. And the comparison is inevitable…

Mathilde of Belgium, go further: at her brother's wedding it is the bride Caroline who shines - guard

FIND THE DIFFERENCES – Of course, upon closer inspection, Mathilde of Belgium's dress is pastel pink while Kate Middleton's is white, in Brussels we see a cape, while in London we had seen a dress that looks like a cloak... yet the glance makes it inevitable the comparisons. Jewelery included, given that even Mathilde of Belgium does not give up priceless tiaras and pendant earrings. Not to mention the royal sash and the jewel brooch. In short, different twins one might say.

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