Matilda De Angelis, after Pietro Castellitto kisses Alessandro De Santis of the French Saints

The Bolognese actress paparazzi while exchanging a kiss in the car with the singer of the winning duo on X Factor. Are these the first steps of a new love story?

 matilda-de-angelis-castellitto-alessandro Matilda De Angelis, after Pietro Castellitto, was paparazzi while kissing Alessandro dei Santi Francesi Photo Video

Pietro Castellitto is water under the bridge and a new flame seems to ignite the love life of the actress Matilda De Angelis. It is the singer Alessandro De Santis, of the French Saints, the winning duo of the latest edition of X Factor. - Photo | video

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Alessandro De Santis, winner of X Factor with i Santi Francesi - guard

THE KISS IN THE CAR - The two were caught in the fragrance of effusions by the weekly Diva e Donna, which photographed them close together in a bar and then in her car as they exchanged a kiss. But it seems that some tenderness has already been spotted backstage at the New Year's concert, in Piazza Bra in Verona.

Matilda De Angelis in Sanremo 2021: it was the revelation of the first evening – laws

GOODBYE TO PETER – Just a few months ago, the beautiful actress told about her relationship with the actor Pietro Castellitto, with whom she worked in the film Rapiniamo il duce. 'With him, I don't feel like I have to be mirror of what others want me to be», he said. And he confirmed: 'Matilda is a person with whom one can talk about everything'. Pietro's gaze, however, seems to have soon turned to the actress Benedetta Porcaroli, his companion on the set of the film Enea (and De Angelis's best friend). There seems to be more than just sympathy between the two colleagues.

Pietro Castellitto and Matilda De Angelis, when love was booming - guard

IF THEY'RE ROSES THEY'LL BLOOM… – Alessandro De Santis, 24 years old, fresh from his victory on X Factor, highly courted on social media, will soon leave on tour, already sold out, with the French Saints. The beautiful and talented Matilda is busy promoting the series Call my agent , Italian version of the French Ten percent , broadcast on Sky from 20 January. Who knows if between one trip and another, the two will find time to deepen their tender friendship.