Matteo Berrettini and Melissa Satta, at the basketball game (and not only) there is something tender. 'They kissed'

Filed the flirt with Paola Di Benedetto, the tennis player seems to have found a smile with the former tissue. Paparazzi during a match at the Assago Forum, a witness says she saw them having dinner together. And they were very close

 melissa-satta-matteo-berrettini Matteo Berrettini and Melissa Satta during a basketball match in Milan Photo Video

Having filed the flirtation with Paola Di Benedetto, Matteo Berrettini was spotted with none other than Melissa Satta. Galeotta is a basketball match in Milan, where the two joke and appear very close. And then a witness tells of a dinner and a kiss… Could a new couple be born? – Photo | video

Melissa Satta, in a bikini between shells and fish thinking about her new boyfriend Mattia Rivetti. Watch the video Melissa Satta, in a bikini among shells and fish thinking about her new boyfriend Mattia Rivetti. Watch the video

Matteo Berrettini and Paola Di Benedetto, the love story is already over: “He has disappeared

SEE YOU AT THE FORUM – The influencer Deianira Marzano, through a photo, has become a witness to a new possible love story. The tennis champion and the model are paparazzi at the Assago Forum during the Olimpia Milano match for the basketball Euroleague challenge. The Sky Sport cameras film the couple, but it doesn't end there. Marzano, in fact, tells how after the match the two went to dinner together and kissed.

Melissa Satta and farewell to Mattia Rivetti: this is how things really went - exclusive

THE ROMANTIC DINNER – “They were together all evening, they kissed”, says the influencer sharing some images in which the two appear close in front of a laden table. Between them there would have been a kiss in public.

Melissa Satta, the end of love for Mattia Rivetti is a bolt from the blue – guard

PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS – After ending the ten-year relationship with Boateng, with whom she had her son Maddox, Melissa seemed to have found love again in the arms of Mattia Rivetti, an entrepreneur, but things weren't going to go as she wished. The former tissue then announced last October the end of the relationship that lasted about two years.