Matteo Messina Money: the tumor, the false name, the treasure hunt. Thus we have come to the boss

He used the identity of the nephew of one of his followers. Being treated for two tumors, the medical records are decisive. Having searched his last hiding place, we are looking for what remains of his considerable patrimony. He is already in prison, his clinical conditions allow it

  COMBO MATTEO MESSINA MONEY Matteo Messina Denaro, the boss of Castelvetrano, had been on the run for 30 years Photo Video

Matteo Messina Denaro, the investigations do not stop with his arrest. He is hunting for her secrets and for his treasure, or at least for what is left of it after the kidnappings and confiscations of the past few years. During the night, the Carabinieri del Ros who captured him in the Palermo clinic also found the hideout where the mafia boss had recently hidden, it is in Campobello di Mazara, the town in the Trapani area where his trusted driver, Giovanni Luppino, resided , in an anonymous two-storey building and inside there were several designer clothes and perfumes, further evidence of Messina Denaro's passion for luxury items. But how did the investigators arrive at the capture of the Castelvetrano boss? Photo | video1 | video2 | video3

Matteo Messina Denaro, the exclusive audio of the arrest: 'Yes, it's me' Matteo Messina Denaro, the exclusive audio of the arrest: 'Yes, it's me'

Matteo Messina Denaro arrested: the mafia boss had been on the run for 30 years - guard

THE FAKE NAME - At the La Maddalena clinic in Palermo, the wanted number one was in line to get a swab before undergoing a cycle of chemotherapy in day hospital. Operated for colon cancer in Marsala two years ago, then again for the liver in Palermo, he still had liver metastases. All the while he had been treated with an apparently original identity card in the name of Andrea Bonafede, born in Campobello di Mazara on October 23, 1963, 1.78 tall, bald and with brown eyes. Surveyor profession. Particular signs 'none'. The card is still a paper one: issued on February 8, 2016, it expires on October 23, 2026. The point is, in fact, that Andrea Bonafede exists: he is a nephew, with a criminal record, of the former head of the Campobello family, very close to Francesco Messina Denaro, Matthew's father. When the investigators realized, from half sentences intercepted in the circle of accomplices of the boss, that Matteo could be ill, they began to sift through the medical records of cancer patients. And they focused on that surname. From the security cameras they then ascertained that the real Andrea Bonafede was walking the dog on the day he should have been under the knife.

Gaspare Mutolo: 'The arrest of Messina Denaro is the beginning of the end of the mafia' - exclusive

THE FARMER - So, when at 8.20 the clinic's PCs registered Andrea Bonafede's entry, the operation was triggered: they blocked the exits and those of the Ros began to identify all those present and then presented themselves to him. The boss admitted: 'I'm Matteo Messina Denaro'. He did not resist and, without handcuffs, was taken to the San Lorenzo barracks. The farmer and olive merchant Giovanni Luppino was arrested with him, with a clean record, the man who accompanied him to the clinic. At the moment he is accused of procured non-compliance with the sentence. From the clinic, a nurse says: 'A patient of few words, always elegantly dressed and with very kind manners. He was here for a chemotherapy session, he had just swabbed that all patients do before undergoing therapy and was waiting for the results of some blood tests ”.

Gaspare Mutolo: 'I put my face against the mafia'. The first episode of the exclusive interview - guard

WATCH - The deputy prosecutor of the Palermo DDA Paolo Guido says: 'He was well dressed, good-looking, wore decidedly luxury goods, from this we can deduce that his economic conditions at this time were far from difficult'. On his wrist, they explain, a Franck Muller watch worth 35,000 euros. The hideout is identified in the evening. They will hunt down his secrets and his treasure, some 13 million. Much? Certainly a trifle if you think of the 4 billion in assets seized over the years and attributed to him: 1.5 in 2018 alone, with resort seals, assets from the old Valtur, a 21-meter boat, a golf course, land, 232 real estate and 25 companies.

Gaspare Mutolo, the second episode of the exclusive interview: 'I ask forgiveness every day from the relatives of the people I killed' - guard

THE REACTIONS - Palermo prosecutor Maurizio De Lucia does not hide his satisfaction: “We have captured the last mass murderer responsible for the 1992-93 attacks. We are particularly proud of the work completed this morning which concludes a long and very delicate job. It is a debt that the Republic owed to the victims of the mafia that we have partially paid off. Capturing a dangerous fugitive without resorting to violence and without handcuffs is an important sign for a democratic country'. And he concludes: 'At the moment we have no elements to speak of complicity of the clinic staff also because the documents exhibited by the fugitive were apparently regular, but the investigations have started now anyway'. The boss could appear for the first time in the courtroom in Caltanissetta, where he is charged with instigating the massacres in via D'Amelio and Capaci and whose trial is nearing completion. For the prosecutor, his conditions 'are compatible with prison'. Giorgia Meloni, who arrived in Palermo to congratulate the magistrates, announced: “I like to imagine that January 16th could be the day in which the work of the men and women who carried on the war against the mafia is celebrated. And it is a proposal that I will make”. While Maurizio Costanzo, who in 1993 escaped an attack by Cosa Nostra, explains to Handle : 'I confess that when I heard the news of the arrest I was moved, luckily I'm here and I can witness this historic day, at the time I narrowly escaped the worst, we know that but many years have gone by and things have change, it belongs to the past”.

The boss Rocco Morabito is in Italy: extradited from Brazil, 30 years in prison await him - guard