Maxima d'Olanda conquers Atene e per l'occasione si veste... 'alla greca'

The queen and king Willem Alexander grind yet another official visit. And she amazes everyone with a look where everything is coordinated. Manicure included

 Maxima d Olanda and re Willem Alexander in visit to Greece1920 Maxima of Holland and King Willem Alexander, special tourist couple at the Acropolis of Athens Photo Video

Maxima of Holland is, among the queens, the most tireless: even Letizia Ortiz spares no effort, but no one travels as much as the Dutch queen (but Argentine by birth). She is now in Greece with King Willem Alexander, and the first stage of the official journey could only be Athens (then they will go to Thessaloniki). – Photo | video

The Dutch royal family wild and flamboyant for King William's birthday The Dutch royal family wild and flamboyant for King William's birthday

Maxima of Holland without make-up and too casual in Tanzania: she is unrecognizable! – guard

TWO-TONE DRESS - For the occasion, the queen shows off a beautiful two-tone dress by a Greek brand, Zeus+Dione, and combines it with a long series of white accessories: gloves, a veil, a handbag, a large quantity of pearls (even on the spectacular diamond brooch that belonged to Queen Wilhelmina). Experts point out that even the enamel on her hands, in a very autumnal brown, is in during with the dress.

Máxima of Holland, reckless queen: she jumps with a parachute and gives two smiles (one liberating) – guard

THE PARTHENON - The most classic tourist photo could not be missing, the one with the Parthenon in the background. And if Maxima is always at ease with her, even in heels on the rough terrain of the Acropolis, King Willem Alexander compensates with a certain clumsiness.

Maxima of Holland and daughters celebrate (flamboyantly) the birthday of King Willem Alexander – guard