Maxima of Holland, queen of jewels: receives Sergio Mattarella with a tiara from a thousand and one nights

The Queen of Holland welcomed Mattarella with a tiara from the Arabian Nights. But she carries it with great nonchalance. On the other hand she is used to wearing jewels of such a value that, all together, they could save the destinies of a nation

 maxima-olanda-gioielli-sergio-mattarella Maxima d'Olanda and her mother of a thousand and a night Photo Video

Maxima of Holland welcomed our president Sergio Mattarella in Amsterdam with the usual warm smile and a blaze of pearls. But everyone's eyes were captivated by the Wurttenberg tiara. An intricate design of diamonds and pearls used to form swirls and fleurs-de-lis, surmounted by two rows of drop-shaped pearls, 11 in all. She has always been her mother-in-law's favorite, Queen Emeritus Beatrice. And as much a piece of jewelery as to make her head spin, there are pieces in the Dutch Royal Jewelery Box to rival it – Photo | video

Maxima of Holland with her husband and daughters: they are the most spendthrift Royal family in Europe! Watch the video Maxima of Holland with her husband and daughters: they are the most spendthrift Royal family in Europe! Watch the video

Maxima d'Olanda conquers Atene e per l'occasione si veste... 'alla greca

THE HIGHLIGHT - During the trip to Greece, which 'touched' Athens and Thessaloniki, Maxima showed off the strong point of royal jewels: the Mellerio Ruby Parure, designed and created by the oldest jeweler in the world - Mellerio, in fact, which has been directed since 1515 from the same family – way back in 1888. The parure was commissioned by King William III at the maison on rue de la Paix, in Paris, for his wife, Queen Emma.

Maxima of Holland without make-up and too casual in Tanzania: she is unrecognizable! – guard

THE SPILLONE - The parure was shown off in a reduced format by Maxima during the gala dinner held in her honor in Athens. In a reduced format because Maxima only wore 4 of the 6 pieces that make up the set. In addition to the tiara, already seen on several occasions, the attention was drawn to the so-called bodice front , a now obsolete jewel – a large brooch – also called stomacher because it is pinned right at the height of the stomach. Maxima pins it on a Costalleros velvet dress, and she wins.

Máxima of Holland, reckless queen: she jumps with a parachute and gives two smiles (one liberating) – guard

SCANDAL TO COURT - The parure, as mentioned, was commissioned by King William III to celebrate his wife's 30th birthday Emma di Waldeck and Pyrmont , whom he had married, with great scandal (the bride was 41 years younger!), nine years earlier, in 1879. For the jewelry set, which initially was to include only 4 pieces (tiara, necklace, bracelet, fan), King William disbursed the beauty of 160,000 florins (calculated, in today's currency, at 4 million dollars). Eventually the pieces became 6, and a total of 961 stones were used, divided as follows: 385 for the tiara, 425 for the necklace and 135 for the bracelet.