Maxima of Holland without make-up and too casual in Tanzania: she is unrecognizable!

The queen lands at night (and without her husband the king) at the foot of Kilimanjaro. She finds the Masai, the local authorities and above all the photographers waiting for her. Who capture her without a trace of make-up. But with his usual smile

 maxima-holland-tanzania Maxima of Holland, a makeup-free queen in Tanzania Photo Video

Maxima of Holland lands at the foot of Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, for a three-day visit. She lands in the middle of the night, and without thinking, let's imagine, that to welcome her she would have found a party, some authorities and many photographers – Photo | video

Chanel Totti and the catchphrase with dad Francesco in the super villa Chanel Totti and the catchphrase with dad Francesco in the super villa

Máxima of Holland, reckless queen: she jumps with a parachute and gives two smiles (one liberating) – guard

MASAI DANCE AND ZERO MAKEUP - The party is 'outsourced' to the Masai, who have dedicated a beautiful dance to it in colorful traditional clothes. The authorities are represented by a handful of local notables and military men in suits and ties, greeted one by one by the Queen. And the photographers surprised the queen: she arrived with a very, very casual look, bare-bones make-up, collected hair, a tired face and eyeglasses. She would be unrecognizable were it not for her trademark smile, which is not missing this time either.

Maxima of Holland and daughters celebrate (flamboyantly) the birthday of King Willem Alexander – guard

SMILE THAT LIGHTS UP - So, thanks perhaps to that smile that lights up, the Dutch newspapers - The Telegraph in the lead – have the courage to titular: “Queen Maxima shines on her arrival in Tanzania”. The visit lasts, as mentioned, three days: and we bet that Maxima will be able to recover this very casual landing, perhaps too much, with her amazing looks.

Maxima of Holland and King Willem Alexander with the three princesses: they are the most spendthrift Royal Family in Europe! – guard