Maya Hawke, from 'Stranger Things' to Milan concerts: all the talents of Uma Thurman's daughter

Actress and singer, she can count on her father-star Ethan and an illustrious fan: her mother Uma Thurman, who followed her to Milan to hear her in concert. Registered mail? She doesn't care, walks in the woods and scandalizes the puritans

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What was Uma Thurman doing in Milan at the end of February? You were in the front row at the Ferragamo show, of course. But then in the evening she let loose in a small club in the Bocconi area, the Santeria, where Maya, her eldest daughter, born of love (finished) with Ethan Hawke, performed – photo | video

Uma Thurman, family vacation in Saint Tropez Uma Thurman, family vacation in Saint Tropez

CHILD OF ART – «Mom is my fiercest fan», explained the 24-year-old. «She has always supported me with the energy and power of lightning». Perfect crossing of the two illustrious parents, Maya has no limits in her life: she is an actress but also an indie-rock singer. The first to believe in her and to launch her on the big screen was Quentin Tarantino (who consecrated her mother Uma di lei in Pulp fiction It is Kill Bill ), giving it a small part in C'era a return to Hollywood . But the big break came with the cult series, Stranger Things in which Maya plays, starting from the third season, Robin Buckley, the alternative ice cream seller in love with a former schoolmate. In her life, Maya is a perfect example of hippy-liberal-intelligent, typical product of American liberal society. And not just for her Hollywood parents: her maternal grandfather, Robert Thurman, is a former academic who teaches Buddhism, her grandmother is a former model now a psychologist; they live in Woodstock. Eccentricity is in the DNA.

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PROBLEM GIRL – Maya didn't have an easy life at school: she suffers from a severe form of dyslexia that didn't fit well with the standardized evaluation system of American schools. She went from one school to another: first a prestigious private institute, then a school specializing in children with learning problems, even the Steiner school has not been able to value her. Not bad: to welcome her with open arms, she found photographic sets before her (she started as a model for Vogue ), then the cinematographic ones, finally the recording studios (he has already recorded two albums). In the United States, the cover of the weekly was a small case New York Magazine dedicated to the so-called nepo-babies, the children of art who are invading show business, including Lily Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny and Vanessa Paradis, Dakota Johnson, daughter of Don and Melanie Griffith, and Maya. At the center of the debate is the hypocrisy of the American system, which theoretically places meritocracy at the top of values, then fills the most coveted posts in the entertainment industry (and beyond) with sons of dads. Maya doesn't care. Her favorite activity of hers is, she explains, walking in the woods. In the video clip of his song Therese , an indictment of the control over female sexuality, does more: participate in a night orgy in the woods.

INITIATION RITES – Dramatic ending: the police arrive, handcuff the girls and make them march topless. 'I wanted to talk about how society, even before you've learned to masturbate, tells you how to sit upright or how to cover your breasts,' she said. Another passion: initiation rites. 'I've done so many, once I danced in front of a bonfire, burning my old photos.' Her eccentric character doesn't scare men, quite the contrary. After the actor Tom Sturridge, the last known boyfriend is the musician Spencer Burnett, handsome and fit. She doesn't rule out the possibility of one day shooting a film with her parents. 'It would be stupid not to,' she said. «With mine there is a story of love, experiences, anger. Our talents would shine through.'