Meghan Markle all the whims of the (ex) Duchess in a new explosive book

The astonishment of not being paid to meet the crowd. Bullying against the staff of the Royal House. The outbursts, the persecutory phone calls, the arrogance: the 'feats' of the Duchess of Sussex revealed by the journalist Valentine Low

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Queen Elizabeth's death seemed to have spread peace over the royal family. But it was only a respite. And now controversy, gossip, background are back to the surface. On October 6, a book will be released that is destined to make people discuss: it is called Courtiers: the hidden power behind the Crown (Courtiers, the hidden power behind the Crown). Valentine Low wrote it, signature of Times who has been dealing with Reali for decades and author of several scoops (it was he, for example, who gave the news that the former Sussex chief of staff had accused them of bullying). Some anticipated excerpts make it clear who will be the absolute protagonist of future debates: Meghan Markle - Photo | video

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CLASH OF CIVILIZATION - The book, a 422-page tome with the crown of St. George on the cover, is full of anecdotes and tries to answer most of the questions: what will happen now that Elizabeth is gone? But Low also does a reconnaissance on the stormy relationship, culminating with the Megxit, between Meghan Markle and the British Royal House as a whole. More than a relationship, a collision, almost a clash of civilizations.

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RUNS AND PERSECUTIONS - First of all, there is Meghan's amazement when she realized that he was not paid an extra to meet the crowd. He happened on his first tour with Harry in Australia. Markle made a great impression, but behind the scenes she unleashed all hell. 'I can't believe I'm not getting paid for this,' she complained. But the former actress of Suits it was also guilty of countless outbursts and behavior bordering on persecution of many employees and officials of the Royal House.

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'CALLS AT ALL HOURS' - “A lot of people came out with broken bones,” says a insider to Valentine Low. According to the Times reporter, Meghan mostly took it out on young women. 'Don't worry: if there is literally any other person I can ask this thing, I will ask her instead of you': so an employee was scolded in front of everyone. Another assistant, who had taken Friday night off, was bombarded with calls during dinner, with the sole purpose of 'destroying' him. “Every ten minutes I had to leave the restaurant to be yelled at by her and Harry. They said to me: 'We can't believe you did this to us!'. She went on for two hours. And they started again the next morning, and it lasted several days: you couldn't escape them, there were no limits, 'the source tells Low.

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“COME DUE TEENAGER” - Then there is the case of Samantha Cohen, former Sussex private secretary. That she was filled with insults and screams 'before, during and after' the trip to Australia. “Sam always told us it was like working for a teenage couple. They took her to the limit of endurance, 'reveals a friend of Cohen's.

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'IT'S NOT MY JOB' - Many other cases of bullying against subordinates are detailed in the book. And when she pointed out that she should have treated employees better, Meghan she opposed this phrase: 'Pampering people is not my job.' And she with a collaborator of Harry broke the ice like this: ' I think we both know I'll be one of your bosses now '. Then there is 'the tiara incident'.

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THE TIARA - For her wedding, Meghan had chosen to place the diamond tiara of the former Queen Mary (wife of George V) on her hair. But she didn't imagine that she would have to ask Elizabeth's permission. The Duchess of Sussex brought her personal hairdresser to Buckingham Palace just to try on the tiara, but that day Angela Kelly, the Queen's personal assistant and in charge of her jewelry, was not there. Harry got very angry, convinced there was a bough in the palace against his future wife. That he asked for access to the tiara, quite briskly: “We are at Buckingham Palace. We want the tiara. Can we have it now, please? ”. But Kelly didn't flinch: “I'm really sorry, but that's not how it works. There is a protocol for these jewels. They are kept under lock and key with great care. You can't go out and say you want the tiara simply because your hairdresser goes into town ”.