Meghan Markle and Harry of England challenge the Windsors (also) with photos and a new 'palace'

In response to the family portrait with Carlo and William, the Sussexes publish their unpublished shots. And they're ready to move into a mega mansion in Santa Barbara. To have more privacy for children Archie and Lilibet, they say…

  harry-meghan-new-photo-new-house-reggia-1920 Meghan Markle and Harry of England, a new official portrait and a new millionaire house... Photo Video

Everything the royal family does, we can do too. It could be the title of the two official portraits just published by Harry and Meghan. A (spicy?) response to the image released from Buckingham Palace of King Charles with his wife Camilla, together with the princes of Wales, William and Kate – Photo | video

Meghan Markle and Harry of England want to move to this palace: watch the video Meghan Markle and Harry of England want to move to this palace: watch the video

Charles of England and the new portrait that means only one thing: there is no more room for Harry and Meghan - guard

THE REVENGE OF THE EXCLUDED – It is probable that Harry felt excluded from the family portrait and here, two days later, the shots of his photographer friend Misan Harriman appear. In the first Meghan is always in the foreground, she wears a complete shirt and red trousers, she barely smiles. Just behind him is Harry in a suit and tie gripping his wife's fingers. The second, in black and white, portrays them in profile, hand in hand. The dukes meet at the One Young World Summit in Manchester, just days before the death of Elizabeth II. The timing of the publication is suspect, according to the British tabloids. The images overshadowed King Charles' first post-mourning visit to Scotland's Dunfermline, where he was greeted by a very warm crowd.

Meghan Markle and Harry of England, the new bodyguard is an ex-cop who almost killed his wife – guard

THE NEW PALACE – Excluded from the royal palaces, the Sussexes get by as they can and go in search of an alternative palace. According to the Mirror they would have found her in Santa Barbara, in the upscale neighborhood of Hope Ranch. If the current Montecito mansion, purchased just two years ago, paid for $14 million, this new property is worth $22 million. The reason for the move would be the need for more privacy. In Montecito, where many celebrities live, the paparazzi are always lurking and children Archie and Lilibet cannot play freely outdoors. Hence the idea of ​​finding a 'shelter' where to make them grow more serene.

Meghan Markle, all the duchess' whims in an explosive new book guard

THE DENIED ENCOUNTER – The new book by the royal watcher Valentine Low (Courtiers: the hidden power behind the crown) tells an unpublished episode. After an interview for ITV in 2019, during which Meghan confessed that she could not handle the media pressure and that she was not happy, William became worried and asked her brother for a meeting. At first Harry agreed and asked who else knew about the meeting, to which William replied that he had to inform his private secretary. At that point the Duke of Sussex changed his mind and wrote to him: 'Don't come'. He was so concerned that the news of the encounter would end up in the tabloids that he had preferred not to see William.

Harry of England, the mystery revealed. That's why he was late to his dying grandmother - guard

LIKE THE DUKE OF WINDSOR – We have long wondered about Harry's new life in California. In public he often appears thoughtful, gloomy. And the long-time royal watcher Hugo Vickers made a bold comparison: «I think Harry is really sad, just like Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, who abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson. That man had the saddest eyes I have ever seen. And they remind me of Harry's.'