Meghan Markle and Harry of England in trouble again: Netflix suspends their documentary. Here because

The streaming giant postpones indefinitely the production on which it had invested over two years and 100 million. The thing is, it would jeopardize his reputation. At the serious risk of losing many subscribers. Here are all the background of a surprise decision

 meghan-markle-harry-inghilterra-funeral-furious-1920 Meghan Markle and Harry of England: after two years of work (and 100 million invested), Netflix downloads them Photo Video

Suspended. Probably postponed until next year or maybe never again. The Netflix docu-series that is expected to show the behind-the-scenes life of Harry and Meghan, which has been in the works for a couple of years and cost 100 million dollars, was supposed to come out in December, immediately after the fifth season of The Crown. But according to the American site Deadline the streaming giant would have decided to postpone it – Photo | video

Harry of England, the boy's joke makes him laugh Harry of England, the boy's joke makes him laugh

Meghan Markle and Harry of England challenge the Windsors (also) with shots of photos and a new “palace

NETFLIX FEARS – According to the source consulted by Deadline , Netflix would be very concerned by the violent criticism received by the British media regarding the fifth season of The Crown . Even the former Conservative Prime Minister John Major intervened to deny what happens in the first episode, or a sort of attempt by the then Prince Charles to force his mother to abdicate. The episode includes a secret conversation between Carlo and Major that never took place, the former prime minister swears. Many others have railed against it The Crown , without having seen it yet (releases November 9) accusing Netflix of cruelty and insensitivity towards the royal family who just lost Elizabeth II.

Harry of England talks about the new life in California with Meghan Markle: “Actually … We have five children

BETTER WITHDRAW – “They are very worried and have decided to withdraw for now and postpone the documentary to next year”, continues the same source. They will already have their hands full parrying the blows that will come in response to The Crown and there is no need to amplify the attack on the Windsors. The decision was also made at the insistence of the Sussexes, who seem to regret what they said in the documentary against Carlo, Camilla, William and Kate and now would like to go back to the editing room to eliminate the most compromising parts. The same cleaning operation is also affecting Harry's biography, which does not yet have a release date. If indeed, as it seems, the dukes want to make peace with the king, they must compromise and avoiding attacks is the right move.

Harry of England, the child's joke makes him smile - guard

THE SILENCE OF THE SUSSEX – It is no coincidence that since their return to California from London (after Her Majesty's funeral), the dukes have remained practically silent. No interviews to reveal the background of the funeral, no malicious post on social media. Even the last few episodes of Meghan's podcast have been harmless. It seems they are doing everything to stay straight and stay away from controversy.
But how long will it last?