Meghan Markle and Harry of England, tears (and snorts) at Elizabeth's funeral: here's what will happen now to the rebel dukes

The dukes of Sussex leave immediately after the funeral of the sovereign. With the 'excuse' that they haven't seen their children Archie and Lilibet for three weeks. To try to heal the fracture, the former actress asked for a private meeting with King Charles. And she is waiting for an answer, but it may never come

  meghan-markle-harry-england-funeral-queen-1920 Meghan Markle, a tear lines her face at Elizabeth's funeral. And ... she just can't help holding her husband Harry's hand Photo Video

After the period of mourning dedicated to the death of Queen Elizabeth, it is time to pull the strings on the events of one of the most discussed and commented royal couples: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have spent the last few weeks in the United Kingdom together with the rest of the royal family, something that hadn't happened for months (she hadn't returned to London since last June's Platinum Jubilee). Between moments of embarrassment and apparent rapprochement with other family members, one wonders what their next moves will be. And while Harry has an explosive memoir book coming out, she asks for a private meeting with King Charles III to try to bridge the gap between them. How are things really? Here is a summary of everything that has happened to the Dukes of Sussex over the past ten days. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Elizabeth of England, the funeral of the century: the most touching moments that we will not forget - guard

MEGHAN NOT INVITED TO BALMORAL - When the health situation of the sovereign was clarified, all the closest members of the royal family were recalled to Balmoral, Scotland, where Elizabeth was expiring. As the insiders report, however, Carlo specifically asked his son not to take his wife with him to the castle: 'He was pointed out that Kate would not go (she stayed in London to look after her three children, ed) and that situation involved only the closest family members. Carlo said very, very clearly, that Meghan would not be welcome ”.

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Letizia Ortiz, Charlene Wittstock and all the others. Queens and princesses at the funeral of Elizabeth of England - guard

HARRY'S UNIFORM - The prince, in saying goodbye to the royal family, also renounced military titles and therefore the right to wear the military uniform. The new king allowed him to dress her only on the occasion of the 'grandchildren's vigil' on Saturday night ( guard ), but without the relative plumes and royal monogram, reserved for military personnel in service. Decision that left the prince 'devastated'. At Westminster Abbey, on the day of Elizabeth II's funeral, Harry then paraded behind his grandmother's coffin, alongside his brother, but without his uniform (in addition to him, Prince Andrew also had to give up).

Harry of England, bitter birthday with Meghan Markle: they are furious for a rudeness to their children - guard

DINNER WITH I LEADER OF THE WORLD - Wanted or unwanted, on the occasion of the diplomatic dinner organized by King Charles at the palace with all the famous guests of the funeral, a notable case arose: Meghan and Harry had initially received the invitation, only to be excluded from it. The reason: only the working members of the royal family and therefore not the Sussex, who no longer enjoy privileges reserved for members of the royal family.

Children, grandchildren, noble titles, poisons and jealousies: this is the family left by Queen Elizabeth - guard

TAKE YOURSELF BY THE HAND - The most rebellious couple of the English monarchy just can't make it: on more than one occasion during these ten days of mourning, Meghan and Harry held hands ( guard ), going against the protocol that does not provide for gestures of public affection. It happened while they were accompanying the queen's coffin in procession to Westminster hall, it also happens on the day of her funeral.

Kate Middleton and William of England, with Meghan and Harry it is more truce than true peace - guard

LITTLE KINDNESSES - No moments of intimacy have been spotted between the two brothers, indeed, between Harry and William a mutual agreement of non-belligerence seems to have been established, especially during a period as moving and delicate as the death of their beloved grandmother. The only note of rapprochement appears to have been while their respective families were taking their seats before the funeral service. Prince William, standing at the entrance to the first pew, sees his brother arriving with his wife. Harry asks, 'Do we have to go through first?' William nods yes, before telling his wife Kate, 'Let him through first.'

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THE SUSSEX IN THE CHURCH - The Duchess chooses to pay homage to the queen by wearing a pair of pearl earrings that the sovereign had given her after her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018. And if Prince Harry was visibly excited during the procession and inside the church, Meghan was not far behind: several observers and photographers resumed her emotion ( guard ). There are those who say that it was all the result of her acting preparation, the fact is that a tear streaked her face. While the new king's son did not sing the British anthem, now named after his father, God save the King .

THE BOOK OF HARRY - When the news of Queen Elizabeth's death broke, the prince had already closed a $ 20 million deal with Penguin for the publication of his scandalous memoir. A revealing book in which he will tell both his life at court and his life in Los Angeles after the Megxit. However, the arrival of the title in bookstores has now been postponed, will it be out of respect for mourning or to add new chapters to the story?

THE MEGHAN PODCAST - Same story for the show of the former actress, who suspended her podcast on Spotify, Archetypes , at least for the period of mourning. The Duchess of Sussex had already made available the first three episodes of the series in which she launched into para-philosophical conversations with characters such as tennis player Serena Williams or pop star Mariah Carey. But the flop was immediately evident ( guard ).

WHAT HAPPENS NOW - Harry and Meghan are still in the UK after Elizabeth's funeral ends, but have said they want to leave for California 'as soon as possible'. There, on the other hand, their two children, Archie and Lilibet, who have not seen for almost three weeks, await them. But before leaving, Meghan plays everything: palace insiders say, in fact, that the Duchess has requested a private meeting with King Charles to heal the fractures before her departure. And there are many issues to be resolved.