Meghan Markle and Harry of England, the new bodyguard is a former policeman who almost killed his wife

The former Scotland Yard agent was convicted, but managed to avoid jail time. A gaffe for the duchess who has always fought against gender-based violence…

  meghan-markle-harry-inghilterra-funeral-furious-1920 Meghan Markle and Harry of England, the new bodyguard is an ex-cop who almost killed his wife Photo Video

The new bodyguard of Harry of England and his wife Meghan Markle is called Pere Daobry, he is 51 years old, he is a former agent of Scotland Yard and he is a bodybuilder. But he was also convicted of domestic abuse and injury to his wife, whom he strangled and left her dying. Photo | video

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AN EMBARRASSING CHOICE - The man was seen accompanying the Dukes of Sussex in their Range Rover from Frogmore Cottage in Windsor to an event earlier this month, ahead of Queen Elizabeth's death. A misstep for the dukes, especially for Meghan who has always fought against gender-based violence, women's rights and domestic abuse, openly defining herself as a feminist. It is likely that she did not know about Daobry's personal story, which is also controversial because the sentence has left everyone dumbfounded. The agent, in fact, almost killed her wife by strangling her, then called the police and turned himself in. The woman, Sarah Jay, also a policewoman, had said she had been abused for two years but the court had only sentenced Daobry to twelve weeks of house arrest, 100 hours of unpaid work and the payment of around 2,000 pounds. Sarah Jay, in deep depression, had then taken her own life.

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TROUBLE AHEAD – After the period of mourning of the royal family, the truce between Sussex and Windsor also seems to have ended. Meghan has announced that the next episode of her Archetypes podcast will be released on October 4. The guest will be comedian and actress Margaret Cho and we will talk about Asian Americans in the entertainment world. The recording of the episode took place before the disappearance of the queen and therefore could contain other attacks on the royal family. The Palace prepares.

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JEWELS AND WILL – Meanwhile, many are wondering about Queen Elizabeth's will. In reality, no one, except family members, is aware of it because, like all royal wills, it will be classified for at least the next 90 years and will be added to 30 other similar documents, including the last will of Prince Philip. However, it is very likely that most of the personal assets go to the four children and William and Harry. These goods also include a precious collection of jewels (not those of the crown, kept in the Tower of London) which we have already seen worn by Kate Middleton Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex. Most precious of all is a brooch given to Elizabeth by Queen Mary. It is made up of two huge diamonds called Cullinan III and Cullinan IV. The estimated value is 50 million pounds and is the most expensive brooch in the world. It is likely that it will now pass to King Charles and the Queen Consort and will subsequently be left to William and the Princess of Wales.