Meghan Markle and Harry of England, yet another 'no' to Queen Elizabeth

The Dukes of Sussex would like Scotland Yard agents to protect them, but the government rejects the request again. And they respond by wronging the 96-year-old grandmother again

 harry-meghan-regina-august-2022 Meghan Markle and Harry of England are not returning to the family. Here is the last meeting with the Queen Photo Video

So close, yet so far. Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle will arrive in Britain next week, on September 5th, but they will almost certainly not see Queen Elizabeth or any other family members. Not only because the rift with the rest of the Windsors is getting deeper, but also for safety reasons - Photo | video

THEY DON'T MOVE WITHOUT SCOTLAND YARD - The Queen is in Balmoral in Scotland for the summer holidays. On September 5, you were supposed to be in London to meet the new prime minister the next day, Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, who are vying for the post as Boris Johnson's successor. But for health reasons the doctors advised the sovereign not to move and stay in Scotland. It means the Sussexes would have to go all the way to Balmoral to see her, a journey Harry doesn't intend to undertake without the protection of Scotland Yard. The prince dragged the Ministry of the Interior to court precisely because he would like to have the royal protection officers (always armed) for himself and his family every time he returns home. Even paying out of your own pocket. Police retorted that Scotland Yard agents cannot be 'rented'. And so the dispute goes on. Meanwhile, Harry employs a team of bodyguard private individuals who, however, do not have access to intelligence information and therefore cannot be aware of any alarms, threats and risks for the Sussex. So it is very unlikely, as the Daily Telegraph , that the prince and grandmother meet in person.

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FAMILY TENSIONS - In Scotland, in addition, there are also Prince Charles, who visits his mother every day, and William and Kate with the children. 'Harry's arrival would only create great family tensions,' royal biographer Phil Dampier told Daily Mail . In fact, it is likely that Charles and William have no desire to see either Meghan, who in her podcast did not fail to criticize the royal family, or Harry who is about to drop the bomb in her memoir. So the Sussex will just attend one event in Manchester (One Young World Summit), then fly to Dusseldorf for the ceremony that marks a year at the start of the Invictus Games, and will return to London for another event. In between, they will have a couple of days off, at least according to the official schedule, which they could spend at Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate, where they are protected by officers patrolling the residence.

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ALSO SEPARATE FOR DIANA - William and Harry will not even talk to each other on the anniversary of Lady Diana's death on August 31st. They usually remembered this day together, even publicly, sometimes greeting the people who each year gather around the gates of Kensington Palace, the last residence of the Princess of Wales. But now the rift between the two brothers seems incurable and not even in the name of the mother seem to be willing to put aside their differences.